Integrate Learning Management Systems with Nimble AMS


Our learning management software (LMS) solutions – Crowd Wisdom and Freestone – encourage learning anytime, anywhere, and in a variety of formats.

Nimble AMS has developed an integration that works with Crowd Wisdom and Freestone learning management software that allows members and association administrators to take advantage of both platforms.


Single Sign-On: The ability to directly interface with Nimble AMS through single sign-on, simplifying the setup experience for associations and encouraging adoption for members.

Members sign into the association site once and can access AMS and LMS portals for Crowd Wisdom and Freestone without the need for members to sign in again.

Organizations can leverage SSO between Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom and Freestone to make it simple for their constituents to navigate between Nimble AMS and their LMS portal, thus driving more traffic to both places.

Image of Learning and Computer

Synchronized E-Commerce: A single e-commerce experience that synchronizes across platforms with members being able to purchase what they need in Nimble AMS and have it available for consumption in the LMS portal.

Members can immediately dive into the course in the LMS after purchasing. They can learn and purchase association products easily which helps improve revenue and encourage member growth.

The Nimble AMS-LMS integration allows association staff to quickly configure and set up products for purchase and consumption between the AMS and the LMS reducing manual burden and eliminating data silos.

Ready to Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) Using Community Hub as the Identity Provider?