What is Internationalization?

Internationalization by Nimble AMS is supported between the US and several other countries for associations that need to trade globally.  The ability to interact and engage with people internationally provides a huge opportunity for organizations looking to expand their member base and growth opportunities.

You can configure the feature to work across multiple entities in Community Hub with the ability to view all Products, Events, Donations and Memberships in same Community Hub. Community Hub Users will be able to set their preferred currency. This will allow them to experience CH purchases in their preferred currency.  

Implemented only in Community Hub

Internationalization only changes Community Hub User's experience by providing multi-currency preference in CH. There is no impact on Staff User's experience.

 See What Internationalization Looks Like...

Multiple currencies setup


One Currency selected

Configuring Internationalization

You will need to:

  • Configure Staff View
  • Verify the updates on Community Hub

Enablement and Configuration Steps for Internationalization

Currencies Configuration