My Invoice Page

This page is part of the New Community Hub Checkout and Invoice Experience seen on orgs where Nimble AMS was installed after the Nimble AMS Summer '17 release. This page is replaces the Invoice Page.

The My Invoice page displays an outstanding order and users can pay the invoice. The page also displays all standard Nimble AMS products and can be customized to show custom products so users can pay off any invoice.

Viewing Invoices

Constituents can view different types of invoices based on their relationship to a company.

  • Individual Invoices—Constituents, whether affiliated to a company or not, can review and pay for a personal outstanding balance.
  • Company Invoices—Constituents who are primarily affiliated with a company, and are company managers, can review and pay for a personal or company outstanding balance.

Reviewing an Outstanding Order

Constituents can review all products within an outstanding order and see the prices for each.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Page, Invoice

Adding Donations with a Membership Renewal

If an outstanding order contains a membership renewal, and staff have configured the membership type with donation options, an additional card displays so constituents have the opportunity to make a donation. Constituents can pick to what fund(s) and what amount they wish to give.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Optional Donation

Paying an Invoice

Once constituents have reviewed the order, they can pay using the payment methods set up in your org.

Single Payment Method

When no other payment methods are enabled, constituents use the Payment card to enter credit card information to submit their order.
  This Card is Seen When...

The product(s) in the cart has a cost


Bill Me and stored payment options are not set up in your org


Bill Me is set up in your org, but the constituent's account does not have Trusted selected.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Credit Card Display

Cost with Multiple Payment Methods

When multiple payment options are set up in your org, like bill me or stored payment methods, constituents can use the Payment Type card to select which payment method they would like to use for payment.
  This Card is Seen When...

There is a positive balance.


Stored payment methods is enabled.


Bill Me is set up in your org and the constituent's account has Trusted selected.

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Community Hub, Card Type, Order Payment Option Selection

Stored Payment Method

When stored payment methods are enabled, constituents can select  Pay Now - Saved Payment on the the Payment Type card, which lets them use one of their stored payment methods.

If your association has multiple Community Hubs, only stored payment methods for the entity of the current Community Hub display in this list.

If constituents have no stored payment methods, the My Payment Methods card displays a message with a link to the My Payment Methods page where they can add one.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Cart Payment Method Selection, With No Stored Card

If constituents have one or more stored payment methods, the My Payment Methods card displays a message with a link to add, edit, or remove stored payment methods, and also lists all stored payment methods alphabetically by the name of the stored payment method. The default stored payment method is preselected, and constituents can select from their other stored payment methods as well.

Expired credit cards do not display in this list.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Cart Payment Method Selection

When constituents select a stored bank account, the eCheck Payment Authorization card displays with the details of the payment they are about to make using their stored eCheck bank account to confirm their authorization.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, eCheck Disclaimer

Credit Card

Constituents can select Pay Now - Credit Card on the the Payment Type card which causes the Billing Address card to appear. If the Billing Address is present on their account, the fields are prepopulated with their billing address, which they can edit as they see fit. If there is a shippable product in the cart, they can also click Same As Shipping to copy the shipping address entered into the Shipping Address card to use as their billing address.
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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Billing Address

To use the billing address when verifying credit cards, you will need to activate the Address Verification Service in Authorize.Net. Learn more (external).

Finally, they can use the Credit or Debit Card card to enter their credit card information.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Credit Card Display

Scheduled Payment

Constituents can select Pay Later - Scheduled Payment on the the Payment Type card, which does one of two things:
  • If constituents have one or more stored payment methods, a dialog box displays where they can pick the payment method they want to use set up either a single scheduled payment or an installment plan you've created. The installment plans displayed are frequencies where Community Hub Enabled is selected. When constituents click Schedule $[total], constituents are taken to the My Scheduled Payments Page to view their scheduled payments.
  • If constituents do not have a stored payment method, the My Payment Methods card displays with a message letting them know they need a stored payment method to proceed. It also includes a link to the My Payment Methods Page where they can add one.
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With a Stored Payment Method

Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Scheduled Payment

Without a Stored Payment Method

Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Scheduled Payment Card Type, With No Stored Payment Method

Updating Order Information with Bill Me

Alternatively, Trusted individuals can select Pay Later - Bill Me on the the Payment Options card to update the purchase order number, the description on the invoice, as well as any other information you are collecting and submit the updates to the invoice.

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Nimble AMS, Community Hub, Card Type, Bill Me Detail

Reviewing the Order Total

Constituents can review the Total Details card for information on the total cost, the balance, shipping costs, fees that have been charged, or coupons that have been applied. If there is no cost, no totals display on the Total Details card.

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Order Total

With Shipping

With a Cancellation Fee

With a Coupon

With no Cost


When users click Submit, a number of checks are done to ensure the cart is complete and will not interfere with any other orders.

Locking the Cart

To prevent Community Hub constituents from potentially submitting their cart and making a payment twice, the cart is locked during cart and payment submission. This prevents duplicate submissions and is invisible to the constituents.

Staff also locks the cart during submission, but the payment is not locked.

Checking for a Conflicting Order Adjustment

By default, Nimble AMS allows multiple users to submit an edit to the same order item. This is not recommended as orders could be impacted in unforeseen ways if multiple edits are made to an order at the same time.

When order adjustment versioning is enabled, Nimble AMS does not submit an order with a conflicting edit and shows a message letting users know they cannot submit the order because it includes items which have been modified by another user.

Credit Card Payment Authorization

When constituents pay with a credit card and submit their order, a callout is made to the configured payment gateway to verify the accuracy of the card and billing address information as well as to ensure there are enough funds for the payment.

When the Address Verification Service in Authorize.Net enabled, an error message displays if constituents did not enter their billing address or if the entered address is invalid. Learn more (external).

If card verification was successful, the order confirmation displays. If there is a failure on payment authorization, no records are created in Nimble AMS and the transaction in the payment gateway is cancelled.

 After the process has completed, a second callout is made to the payment gateway to capture and process the transaction for the credit card payment. Learn more on Credit Card Payment Processing.

Cards on the Page

Membership Details Membership Order Details Card Type
Registration Details Registration Order Details Card Type
Subscription Details Subscription Order Details Card Type
Item Details Order Item Details Card Type
Optional Donation Optional Donation Card Type
Payment Options Option Selection Card Type
Cart Payment Method Selection Cart Payment Method Selection Card Type 
eCheck Disclaimer eCheck Disclaimer Card Type
Schedule Payment Scheduled Payment Card Type
Billing Address Billing Address Card Type
Payment Credit Card Payment Card Type
Total Display Total Display Card Type
Checkout Button Row Button Row Card Type