New Features

In Nimble AMS Winter '19, we've been working hard on new features for Staff View and Community Hub users.

Feature Introduction

Beta Engagements

There are many different ways in which constituents interact with your association; and not all engagements include financial transactions. Nimble AMS is encouraging associations to track and manage these engagements. Some of the engagement types we've included by default are Event Speaker, Moderator, Content Creator/Editor, Volunteer, and a constituent providing testimony. Your association can create additional types to track other types of engagements with your constituents. This feature set will assist your association to improve engagement management thus helping to increase overall engagement of your constituents.

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Pilot Installment Payments

Associations are always looking to make it easier for their constituents to buy their membership and product offerings. One way Nimble AMS is making it easier for your constituents to buy membership and products from you through installments as a payment option. In Staff View, staff can process orders and carts by applying an installment plan for a constituent. In Community Hub, constituents can place orders and use installment as a payment option on the eligible products/orders. This set of features provides payment flexibility to your constituents thus increasing their likelihood to proceed with their purchase. Your association can certainly expect increase in revenue with the usage of installment payments.

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Pilot Scheduled Payments

Nimble AMS now empowers staff to process orders and carts in Staff View to generate revenue for your association even when a constituent can't pay at the very same moment but is willing to schedule a payment for a future date.

In Community Hub, constituents can engage with your association by placing orders and scheduling the payment for a future date. Your association has the flexibility to tailor the Community Hub experience with the scheduled payments for your constituents.

This flexible payment option allows constituents to engage deeply with your association and reduces some of the financial constraints that might be hindering the engagement. It also gives your association an opportunity to get a payment commitment from constituents when you have their attention. Staff and constituents also have the ability to monitor and manage a schedule payment throughout it's lifecycle. We know an effective implementation of scheduled payments at your association is bound to increase your revenue.

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Beta Publication and Issue Tracking

Associations have various publications they create and manage, like Blogs, Books, Journals etc. Nimble AMS now provides functionality to manage certain aspects of those publications. Staff members can set the type of publication, it's frequency, the product offerings for the publication, and it's issues. These issues can be linked to the Engagement functionality also being release in Winter '19 so you can track publication issues from content creation, to content publication, to content sale.

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How and When Do Features Become Available?

Some features in Nimble AMS Winter '19 affect all users immediately after the release goes live. Consider communicating these changes to your users beforehand so that they’re prepared. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.
These release notes describe the new and modified features available in this release.
This table summarizes the Nimble AMS Winter '19 features and their impact on users.


Enabled for Users

Requires Administrator Setup

Contact NimbleUser to Enable



Installment Payments


Scheduled Payments


Publication and Issue Tracking


Features Growing Up

To help create features that best meet your needs, we often grow a feature set as it passes through three stages. These features are passing from one stage to another in Nimble AMS Winter '19. Learn more about the feature lifecycle.

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