One Payment - Staff View Improvements

We have made a number of improvements to enhance functionality and improve staff user experience.  Improvements include the expanded flexibility of the option to choose a manual batch when applying payment to orders, the ability to add a company account as payer and much more!  Check out the One Payment - Staff View documentation.

What's New

Payment details can be saved for future use during order payment

With Stored Payment Methods enabled, staff users now have the ability to create a stored payment method by saving the payment details, while paying off multiple orders using one payment.  The staff user simply selects the Save for Future Use option, when entering payment details in the One Payment Wizard (AMS-11887)

Child affiliation orders now payable using company account

Initially orders with person accounts as Bill To were not listed as unpaid orders for company accounts.  When making a single payment for orders on a company account record, staff users can now select unpaid orders for person accounts with the company account set as Primary Affiliation.  (AMS-11899)

Stored Payment Method selected by default

When staff users go through the process of using One Payment to pay off multiple orders, if the account has a stored payment method, it will be selected by default during the payment information step in the wizard. (AMS-11892)

Manual batch support has been added

Staff users now have the ability to search and select a manual batch when paying off orders using One Payment. (AMS-11946)

Improved instructions in One Payment guided process

We've updated the instructions in the One Payment Wizard to be easier to understand and more informative for users.  (AMS-11955)

Company Account as payer now supported

Previously, a single payment for multiple orders could only be done with person account as payer.  Now when staff users make payment from any order record, company account can be selected as payer. (AMS-11896)