Patch Releases

These fixes are part of a minor release of Nimble AMS Winter '19. Minor releases are made in between major (seasonal) releases. With patches, we get the changes out to you as soon as possible so you didn't have to wait until the next major release. Our goal is to keep your association nimble. To learn when we released these patches, go to the Release Readiness group in NimbleLand.

Fix error generating billing histories with custom bulk billing class that extends NU.MembershipBulkBilling (AMS-9969 / AMS-10018) COMMUNITY HUB PATCH: NU 20.5.2

In Winter '19, we fixed an issue where Billing History records could not be created using a custom class that extends NU.MembershipBulkBilling. The error was
"First error: SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: NU__Membership__c.NU__ExcludeFromBilling__c."

Restore ability to edit shipping type or cost of existing order (AMS-10007) STAFF VIEW  COMMUNITY HUB PATCH: NU 20.5.3

To allow staff to edit shipping on orders without having to cancel an order and start a new one, additional checks were added in the transaction generator logic. This ensures transactions are generated when shipping and tax prices change. This change affects the CartSubmitter, OrderItemTransaction and TransactionGenerator classes.

Fix navigation of Checkout URL on Appeal Product Link record (AMS-9988) COMMUNITY HUB PATCH: NU 20.5.2

To address a bug, the Checkout URL field was updated on the Appeal Product Link object so the generated URL includes the product's Id. Without this, the URL was redirecting to the login page. This change affects the Appeal Product Link object.

Restore ability to merge accounts when packaged Account or Contact field names match unpackaged field names (AMS-9982) STAFF VIEW  PATCH: NU 20.5.4

While attempting to merge accounts, this resolves the error: "Error querying account fields. Be sure that the Account object does not contain a custom field with the same API name as a packaged field." This error occurred when there were Account or Contact fields in the Nimble AMS package that had the same API name as unpackaged custom fields added to the Account or Contact object.

Authorize.Net transactions with a Payment Processor Code value of "4" are now indicated as declined (AMS-9960) STAFF VIEW PATCH: NU 20.5.2 transactions coming back to Nimble AMS with a Payment Processor Code value of "4" signify "Action Required" are now correctly treated as declined instead of successful. This change affects the AuthorizeDotNetXmlService class.

Credit card payment capture jobs are no longer created for ACH/eCheck Community Hub payments (AMS-9955) STAFF VIEW PATCH: NU 20.5.2

ACH/eCheck does not require "capturing," regardless of the payment gateway, because it doesn't work like credit cards do. Fund capturing is exclusive to credit cards and is handled by the CaptureCreditCardPayment class. Fund reconciliation, on the other hand, is exclusive to ACH and is handled by the ReconcileUnsettledPayments class. This was causing excessive and unnecessary error alerts to be sent via email. So we updated CaptureCreditCardPayment to (A) ensure ACH payments are never marked as pending capture and (B) added a secondary check that prevents ACH payments from being queued for capture, which addresses ACH payments that were incorrectly marked before this fix was applied to your org.

Remove requirement of State and Postal Code fields when creating or editing a stored payment method (AMS-9845) STAFF VIEW PATCH: NU 20.5.3

Nimble AMS now allows removing field requirements for State and Postal Code when entering a stored payment method. This allows Nimble AMS to fall back to what each payment gateway providers requires. Specifically:

    • Clients using BluePay can leave both the State and Postal Code fields blank.
    • Clients using can leave State blank, but must still provide a Postal Code.

This change affects the AuthorizeDotNetXmlService class and AddressDetail component.

Components for canceled programs no longer link to active programs (PROG-333) STAFF VIEW COMMUNITY HUB PATCH: PROG 12.3.0

Components that are linked to milestones for canceled programs no longer automatically link to new milestones. This could cause duplicate duplicate components to show up for an enrolled program is a constituent previously had a canceled program. Similarly, new components won't link to milestones for canceled programs. In other words, Nimble AMS Programs now rejects auto enroll components upon Program cancellation to avoid duplicate assignment of components during future enrollments. This change affects the ConstantsProgram, MilestoneComponentLinkManager, MilestoneComponentLinkUtil, and ProgramTriggerHandlers classes.