Patch Releases

These fixes are part of a minor release of Nimble AMS Summer '19. Minor releases are made in between major (seasonal) releases. With patches, we get the changes out to you as soon as possible so you didn't have to wait until the next major release. Our goal is to keep your association nimble. To learn when we released these patches, go to the Release Readiness group in NimbleLand.

PATCH: NC 22.5.4


Security improvements were made to the cart registration process for Community Hub users.

NC-5263Page workflow improvements were executed for the Account navigation access control.
NC-5264Revised logic was added to support the order process for Community Hub users.

PATCH: NU 24.4.4


Installments from original order are now available on newly created orders for Community Hub users.


Improvements were made to the Order Process Page to remove inactive entities.

AMS-10616Error messaging was resolved for partial payments made through the Order Processor.
AMS-10617Improved processing and account management for multiple batch jobs was implemented.
AMS-10661Workflow improvements made to Shipping totals through Order submission.

PATCH: NU 24.4.3


A patch was deployed to improve Business Events Framework processing.


Workflow improvements were made to the order processor for memberships that needed to be changed or adjusted.

PATCH: NU 24.4.2


Scheduling has been fixed for some business events that were previously not triggering in production.


An automation error has been  resolved for customers when batch jobs are processed. 

AMS-10578Guest users have been given Read permissions for Record Tags so they can use the Donate Now button in an active organization with Cross-Sell enabled.
AMS-10557Workflow improvements have been made for users selecting a Payment Method.
AMS-10542Installment payments for both recurring orders and those on an installment plan are now able to be processed. 
AMS-10527The Donate Now Carousel Card  has been improved for Hosted Payment Forms by giving the Guest Permission set read access to the Record Tag object.
AMS-10465Access improvements were made for Guest Users using Hosted Payment Forms.
AMS-10479The ability now exists to introduce repricing at the order stage specifically for Donations in Staff View and Community Hub View.
AMS-10439Schedule statuses update with orders paid by express payment.
AMS-10402A scrollbar was removed on the Hosted Payment Forms dialog page.