Patch Releases

These fixes are part of a minor release of Nimble AMS Spring '19. Minor releases are made in between major (seasonal) releases. With patches, we get the changes out to you as soon as possible so you didn't have to wait until the next major release. Our goal is to keep your association nimble. To learn when we released these patches, go to the Release Readiness group in NimbleLand.

Pay Off option no longer removed for schedule lines in an installment payment schedule (NC-4821) COMMUNITY HUB PATCH: NC 20.1.0

If an installment schedule line was paid off ahead of time in Community Hub, any subsequent payoff attempts were not possible because the ellipses button was no longer there. Now, the ellipses button persists so subsequent payoffs can be made.

Fix Card Rendering in Community Hub Setup when there are two pages with the same URL (Multiple Community Hubs) (NC-4906) STAFF VIEW PATCH: NC 20.1.0

When there were two pages that had the same URL (such as for multiple Community Hubs), the Pages tab of Community Hub Setup used to display cards from the wrong page. Specifically, when editing the second Community Hub's page, it used to incorrectly display all the cards that are on the first Community Hub's page. Removing a card didn't work and adding another card added it to the first Community Hub's page instead. We have fixed these issues.

 Re-add permissions to Registration Account Name for logged in Community Hub users (NC-4916) COMMUNITY HUB PATCH: NC 20.1.0

On the record list card on the My Registrations page in Community Hub, the Account Name was no longer displaying. Read permission to znu__Registration2__c.znu__Account2__c was added back to the Community Hub Login User profile.