Pro forma Membership Billing

Nimble AMS now makes it easier and efficient to create membership orders in bulk using Pro forma Membership Billing.  Pro forma membership billing process allows the Association to create estimated orders that do not have any accounting impact (GL Entries) and share these Pro forma membership bills with constituents. Constituents can use these Pro forma orders to renew their membership. Once the payment is made the pro forma order will be converted to a regular order to generate all the required Accounting entries.

Staff can easily create bills for members based on various criteria or from pre-defined Membership list views.  After the bill is generated, constituents can be sent an email using any template that meets the need. Constituents can use the link received in the email to quickly pay off the membership bill.  Community Hub users will also see a notice on their Personal Snapshot page where they can simply click on the invoice link and pay their membership dues bill.



  • Streamlines membership billing: Staff can easily generate membership billing orders in bulk, based on specified criteria  

  • Minimizes accounting impact: Create orders that do not have accounting impact (GL Entries) until paid, thus eliminating unnecessary burden on Accounting

  • Convert orders with ease: Apply payment to a pro forma membership order to convert/submit it as a regular order with GL entries

  • Effortless invoice delivery: Staff can choose to send invoices via email when the membership billing is run

  • Streamlined payment process: Members can easily pay their membership bill using a link provided in the emailed membership invoice


Please note this feature is in Pilot. For more information on enabling the feature please reach out to our Customer Success Team through a support case.