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This page is part of the classic product detail experience seen on orgs where Nimble AMS was installed prior to the Nimble AMS Spring '18 release. This page is replaced in the New Community Hub Product Detail Experience. Learn more.

On the Product page, users can see details on a merchandise product such as it's name, a large image, a full product description (including HTML content), retail price, and–if users are logged in as members–the member price. You can also add additional fields to the card on this page to show more information. Users can change the quantity of the product and add it to their cart. A message is shown letting them know that the product has been added.

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If a user is a guest and has not logged in, they are unable to add an item to their cart. When attempting to add an item, the user will be taken back to the login page where they can either login or create an account. Guest users are unable to add items to a cart because an account is necessary for tracking order and payment information.

Users can search for Merchandise products in the store by entering complete words which are searched within the name, description, and short description of Merchandise products.

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If users have selected a category and then search for a word, the search is performed within the entire store, and not within the category.


Categories provide a way to group similar Merchandise products for easier shopping in Community Hub. Users can see all Merchandise products, or click one of the categories to see only the Merchandise products in that category. Users can also click the Store Home button at any time to go back to the Store page.

In order to be shown, Categories must have Self Service Enabled selected, and are shown to users based on the Display Order for the Category. Within a category, Merchandise products are shown based on the Display Order with featured products in the category showing first followed by all other products in the category.

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Categories and filters can both be applied at the same to help users find products. A message is displayed if no matching products are found.

Store Home Button

At any time while shopping, users can click the Store Home button to be taken to the Store page with any selected categories or filters cleared. How the Store page appears to users is based on your chosen filter configuration. By default, all Merchandise product are shown. You can also configure the Store page to show featured Merchandise products, or to show Merchandise products based on a custom filter.


Users Who Are not Logged In or Are Logged in Non Members

Community Hub guests and non members can only view retail prices for merchandise products. Guests are prompted to log in to Community Hub before they can add a merchandise product to their cart.

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Logged in Member Users

Logged in member users can view the retail and member price for merchandise products.

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Entering Quantity

Users can enter the quantity they want and then click to add the merchandise product to their cart. The quantity limit is checked and–if inventory is being tracked–the number of merchandise products on hand to make sure there is enough for the user to submit their order. Learn more about quantities.

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Entering a Quantity Below the Limit and with Sufficient Inventory

When users enter a quantity less than or equal the quantity limit and–if inventory is tracked–there is enough inventory on hand, they can add the merchandise product to their cart and continue shopping.

Entering a Quantity Above the Limit or with Insufficient Inventory

When users enter a quantity more than the quantity limit or–if inventory is tracked–there is not enough inventory on hand, they cannot add the merchandise product to their cart. They are shown a message letting them know they must enter a lesser quantity and then tells them the maximum they can enter based on the quantity limit or how much is left in inventory.

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Quantity with Merchandise Products That Are Out of Stock

When a merchandise product is out of stock, The quantity field is disabled and users cannot enter a quantity or click Add To Cart to add the product to their cart. A message displays indicating that the merchandise product is out of stock. Learn more about Inventories.

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If a Product is set to "Downloadable", the Out of Stock procedure changes and will instead populate a message reading "Quantity Exceeds Inventory On Hand" when adding the product to the "Add To Cart" button.

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