Program Renew Page - Programs

On Program Renew, users can review a cash bill cart with a renewal for their enrollment in a program. Program Renew provides details on program products being renewed, any associated costs and users can click a button to add the program renewal to their cart and are taken to checkout to complete the renewal process. If users browse back to Program Renew, the button users click changes to take them directly to checkout, since they've already added the program renewal to their cart.


Page Information

Page /apex/programrenew
Controller Name ProgramRenewController
Heading Label
Description Label ProgramRenewalDescription

Cards on the Page

ProgramRenewalDetails Program Renewal Details Card Type
ProgramItemDetails Program Item Details Card Type
TotalDisplay Total Display Card Type

Messages on the Page

Cause Label Name
Message User browses to the page without an outstanding invoice with a program renewal. CannotRenewProgram

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