Registration Types

When setting up an event, staff can use one or more registration types to create a customized registration experience for different types of constituents. Once set up, staff can create event sessions, event questions, and cancellation fees that are display to one or more registration types.Some examples of ways staff could set up registration types to customize the registration experience:

  • Provide registration options for constituents attending and charge cancelation fees.
  • Provide vendors options for purchasing tables and other equipment and asking setup related questions.
  • Provide speakers access to special sessions and not charge cancellation fees.

Registration types are added to the Sessions (Registration Products), Event Questions, and Cancellation Fees associated to an Event in Nimble AMS.

Registration types are selected on the Choose Registration Type Page in Community Hub and as the badge class in the Add Registration Page in the Staff View order process.

Nimble AMS allows staff to customize the registration process for users based on the type of registration they are submitting (e.g. attendee, exhibitor, speaker, sponsor, etc.). Each registration type can be offered different sessions and questions in the registration process. There is no limit to the number of registration types, and once they are configured, they can be used for any event. Staff can set up registration types through collection of steps.