Solution Hub for Nimble AMS


The Solution Hub is a standalone managed package that can be installed into any org including a Nimble AMS org. 

Local administrators can activate the Solution Hub for appropriate personnel only so that unwanted apps are not installed, or installed and abandoned.

Nimble AMS client org administrators can install supplemental apps and reports on demand using the new Nimble AMS Solution Hub included in the Winter '20 seasonal release. 

From the Solution Hub, administrators can review available items and queue a quick install, or click through an item for more detail. 

The Solution Hub is available in Nimble AMS Sandbox and Production orgs. It indicates when updates become available, and administrators can opt into new capabilities as convenient. 

Using the Hub, it is easier than ever to adopt new Nimble AMS capabilities and increase an organization's productivity. 

To begin using the Solution Hub, an Administrator can assign the Nimble AMS Solution Hub permission set to themselves and dive in

Please note that some limited-distribution pilot capabilities may still require filing a support case in order to be endorsed for the pilot and obtain a passkey. 


  • The install feature is not available when the user does not have sufficient privileges to install packages. 
  • To access the Solution Hub tab, a permission set is assigned to non-Administrators

This feature is in Pilot

Please note this feature is in Pilot.  If you are interested in learning more about how to use this feature reach out to our Customer Success Team.