Staff View

Administrators can enable and customize features to enhance your staff's experience.

Business Rules

When customizing _UserGuide_Brand_NimbleAMS to fit your business process, _UserGuide_Audience_Administrators can use a business rule configured through point-and-click to control the behavior of a technical process based on a True or False result. In the Business Rules app,_UserGuide_Audience_Administrators can set what evaluations are made to determine how the business rule resolves.

Enable Lightning Experience

You can enable and customize Lightning Experience for your org so you can use _UserGuide_Brand_NimbleAMS in a beautiful new interface.

Nimble AMS Lightning Page Components

_UserGuide_Brand_NimbleAMS Lightning components are custom Lightning components included with _UserGuide_Brand_NimbleAMS. These Lightning components are used only within _UserGuide_Brand_NimbleAMS Lightning pages.

Disabled Triggers

A trigger is code that acts behind the scenes in _UserGuide_Brand_NimbleAMS to connect and validate data. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to disable a trigger temporarily.

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