Summer '20 Changelog

This is a list of every change made in the Summer '20  release of Nimble AMS.  To view a list of only major features in the latest release, head next door to our new features .

Nimble AMS Staff View

What's new?

Lightning Company Roster

Account Company Roster page on Nimble AMS is now migrated from Classic to Lightning experience, keeping the original functionality intact. You will see the change immediately in summer 20 without any enablement steps. (AMS-11176)

Refunds with Bank Accounts & BluePay

Staff users can now perform refunds using bank account as a stored payment method on BluePay payment gateway. (AMS-10742, AMS-11545)

Set default payment options for Community Hub

You can now configure the Custom Metadata Type : Payment Options from Nimble AMS to set the default payment method as Credit Card or any other instead of defaulting to Stored Payment Method every time while making a purchase in Community Hub. See My Checkout page for details. (AMS-11428)

Scheduled, Installment and Recurring Payment Improvements

We've made a number of exciting improvements to enhance member experience while making staff more efficient. Increased visibility of recurring options throughout the order process, right from adding products in a cart to looking at a submitted order record to setting up recurring on an order item, will reduce extra clicks for staff users. Improved User experience for setting up installments for members will encourage more members to use the functionality. We also made a number of improvements to stabilize the functionality!

See the Summer 20 release notes page Scheduled, Installment and Recurring Payment Improvements for more information.

Advanced Taxation Improvements

We've made a number of improvements to stabilize Advanced Taxation capabilities so that your staff can 'set it and forget it'. 

See the Summer 20 release notes page Advanced Taxation Improvements for more information.

Defects Fixed

Warning Message added to Schedule Payments Modal 

A warning message was added to the Schedule Payments modal in Staff View to inform the user that their schedule will be created once they click Schedule button; so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not, they want to schedule payments for their order. After the payment is scheduled, a success message is displayed to confirm that the schedule will be processed.  (AMS-11352)

Developer Extension makes it possible to restrict staff from order process

An extension point was create in the staff view order processor that enables Developers to define logic in a custom Apex class that can restrict staff users from being able to Create and Edit orders for a specific entity.  Developer skills are required to utilize this hook. (AMS-11372)

Save as Proforma now only available when no payment

Previously, the order process allowed users to  Save as Pro Forma  even if there was a new payment entered in the cart, and also for an adjustment cart.  This was incorrect as pro forma orders should only be used for orders with no accounting impact.  After this change, the Save as Pro Forma button will only show when there is no payment on the cart and the cart is not an adjustment.  This ensures that users can't Save as Pro Forma if there is a payment applies to a cart. (AMS-11377) 

BluePay documentation updated with Credit Card Issuer Codes

BluePay Enablement documentation was updated with Credit Card Issuer codes to be used while doing the set up, so that BluePay can identify credit card issuer names in Nimble AMS and refunds can be carried out smoothly. We recommend carrying out this step even if BluePay setup has been done.

Before this improvement, the refund was failing for BluePay hosted payments. (AMS-11363)

Reference field for GL Export

The Great Plains GL Export now supports a custom "Reference" field in the header file. This can be configured by setting the new field Batch Reference Field on Batch Export Configuration.  If the Batch Reference Field is blank while exporting, then the Reference column shows “Nimble AMS GL". (AMS-10399)

Hosted Payment Forms CC Issuer Name corrected

For customers using hosted payment forms in Staff View, if a partial refund is processed with a different credit card than the one used for payment, the credit card issuer name in the payment lines now displays correctly. Previously, an incorrect name displayed for the credit card issuer in the payment lines of order page. (AMS-11292)

Activate Business Events from UI

Business Events can now be deactivated or activated from right from the UI.  Before, this was only possible by deactivating custom metadata records directly. (AMS-11296)

Taxes Now Factor in Coupon Discounts

Previously, when Sales Tax was manually added at the Tax & Shipping step of the Order processor, coupon discounts were not considered when calculating tax for the first time. It was only on recalculation that any coupons attached to the order were considered and the correct tax amount was displayed. We fixed the problem and coupons are now included in the initial calculation and additional recalcs. (AMS-11329)

Coupon Amount Display Fix

Previously, the coupon amount displayed double negatives by showing comma and parenthesis both, and also included a comma for values less than 1000.  To avoid any confusion or financial impact, the discounted amount now displays within parenthesis and comma is used on the thousandths place only in an amount greater than $1,000. (AMS-11392)

Preventing Errors When Adding Stored Payment Method

Some improvements were made to the Back button on the pop up which appears after clicking Add a stored Payment Method link on Schedule payment modal so that it is only clickable when the credit card details form has loaded completely. This gives the user an option to not save credit card details and return back to the schedule payment modal. Before this, users were experiencing some errors when clicking Back while the pop up loaded or card details got saved. (AMS-11284, AMS-11258)

Partial Refunds with Hosted Payment Forms Fixed

Previously, on attempting a partial refund using Hosted Payment Forms, a staff user encountered a confusing error, and on saving the partial refund, full refund was processed. As a work around, the users could go into the BluePay portal to do a partial refund. and then to Nimble AMS to enter a cash or check refund. This is now fixed and partial refund made possible when using Hosted Payment Forms.  (AMS-11388)

Grace Period Accuracy

Grace period of memberships were being extended to an extra day if they ended on the last day of the month.  As a result members were still in grace on the 1st of the next month, and expired on the 2nd. We fixed the issue and membership correctly expire on the 1st of the next month, where applicable according to your membership config. (AMS-11351)

Security Code informational text corrected

During the order process when using BluePay (Hosted) for payment, the informational text of Security Code in Payment Details modal was wrongly showing an HTML tag. This HTML tag was removed from the text.  (AMS-11180)

Merge Accounts Updates

  • An error occurred when attempting to merge accounts when Enhanced Email  is Disabled and Email-to-Case is Enabled.  This issue has been resolved. (AMS-11462)
  • Fixed an issue where email attachments could be lost when merging duplicate accounts with our Nimble AMS Merge Tool. (AMS-11122)
  • Fixed an error that could occur when attempting to merge accounts with a large number of related records. (AMS-11484)

Cancel any recurring schedule from Order Item UI

You can now cancel recurring schedules of all statuses, by clicking Cancel Schedule button on the order item record.  Previously only recurring schedules with a status of Ongoing could be canceled. (AMS-11491)

Editable fee for canceled events

We fixed an issue that prevented staff users from editing fee products for canceled registration orders. Staff Users are now able to edit fee products. (AMS-11389)

Schedule carts now effectively managed till processing

This change effected how scheduled carts were handled to help prevent ones from occasionally not processing. (AMS-11342)

Scheduled payments carts streamlined

Some carts where not properly converting to orders with a scheduled payment, but only if the AsyncOrderCartDelete tag was enabled. We fixed the issue and carts with scheduled payments are flowing smoothly again. (AMS-11288)

Recurring payments schedule retries now respect set threshold 

A defect in recurring payments was fixed to ensure that the number of retries for schedules continue to iterate only when below the configured maximum threshold. (AMS-11416)

Payment retry attempts adhered to, even when zero

When payments retry attempts for recurring schedules were configured as zero, one retry attempt was still being made after a failed payment. This issue is now fixed. (AMS-11459)

Fixed rare issue in merging accounts

Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to merge an account that was associated with an Email Message where the Related To field was set to a different account. (AMS-11391)

Optimized queries during checkout 

Made an optimization to slightly reduce the number of queries performed during checkout in some cases. (AMS-11536, AMS-11550)

Fix made to Membership Status

If a Membership End Date is overridden such that the membership duration is shortened, Status field will show Expired, not Cancelled. ( AMS-11611)

Fix made to Total Affiliate Money Spent

Total Affiliate Money Spent field was not being updated on the accounts due to related batch job failure. This is fixed and you can now see the total money spent on affiliates. (AMS-11588)

Community Hub

What's new?

Lightning Store Improvements

We made a number of improvements to the Lightning Store to make it easier to configure and give more options in how you display information.  See Lightning Store Improvements for more information.

Redirect users to appropriate page on creation of a Company schedule

Two new Custom Metadata records are created in Additional Settings so that Community Hub user is redirected to My Scheduled Payments page on creation of individual schedule and to Company Scheduled Payments page on creation of a company schedule. Earlier this was being done by Configuration field of Schedule Payment card. If you wish to redirect user to My Scheduled Payments page for all schedules, deactivate these custom metadata records. (NC-5748)

Note: While implementing a custom page, please take note that Coid parameter is added to the redirect URL in this fix so that Company Scheduled Payments page can fetch cart or order details to display the schedule details.

Improved security for Donate Now page

Security improvements were made to the Donate Now page to help prevent fraudulent robo-fills during anonymous/guest donation process. The improvements aren't a guarantee to prevent all malicious automated submissions, but still a necessary safety precaution that will help alleviate invalid submissions. Please reach out to our Support team via Case submission for more information on this change. (NC-5793)

Defects Fixed

Fixed an error for Manage Roster button

Previously when the UserProfileImage tag was active for Nimble Communities, Community Hub users were getting an error on clicking the Manage Roster button on My Affiliations page. A fix was issued so that a user can now display the roster after enabling the UserProfileImage tag. Now on clicking the Manage Roster button/option on My Affiliations page, the company manager is sent to the company roster where they can manage the roster for any location. (NC-5660)

Success label value now displays correctly

Previously Community Hub success messages may have shown the related label’s name instead of the label’s value. The name is intended as an internal reference where the value is intended as customer facing. This has been fixed and success messages are back on track. (NC-5636)

Individual Renew Option Correction

We fixed an issue that would incorrectly show the Renew button on the Individual Membership card when the individual was receiving member benefits through their company's membership.  Individuals receive member benefits as part of company membership flowdown rules and it was incorrect to allow them to renew. The Renew button no longer shows in this scenario, which was happening on the Personal Snapshot page. (NC-5169)

Record table buttons aligned properly

Buttons used on the Record Table Card type appeared misaligned to some users. We've fixed the problem and the buttons now align properly. (NC-5682)

Multiple cards no longer cause duplicate donation records

When multiple cards on the same page used the NC__NewDonation data source, the donations, made through Community Hub, were creating duplicate records in Nimble AMS for some customers. This was fixed so that the month end financial reconciling and reporting can be carried out without any inaccuracies. (NC-4732)

Warning message now displays correctly for invalid coupons 

When entering an invalid coupon code in Community Hub users will now see the warning message of the invalid code persist. Before this fix the warning message would incorrectly disappear after a few seconds causing some confusion. (NC-5680)

Registration Type labels now display correctly

During the event registration process,  Community Hub users were being shown the API name of Registration Types, instead of the label.  We fixed it and Community Hub is now correctly showing the label. (NC-5693)

All users can now access Scheduled and Recurring Payments modals

Some Community Hub users were experiencing errors when accessing the Scheduled Payments and Recurring Payments modal windows.  To alleviate the issue the Community Hub Login User profile was granted access to the controller for both modals. (NC-5699)

Schedule Payment modal now displays Installment plans correctly

When a Community Hub user chose to pay later during checkout and saved a payment method from the link on the Scheduled Payments modal, the installment plan kept loading indefinitely and payments were not displayed.  However, the correct schedule lines were shown after clicking Schedule.  This has been fixed and the installment plan is now displayed after saving a payment method. (NC-5623)

Additional settings added for configuring schedule payment

Now, two Custom Metadata records have been created in Additional Settings to ensure that Community Hub user is redirected to My Scheduled Payments page on creation of individual schedule and to Company Scheduled Payments page on creation of a company schedule. Earlier this was being done by Configuration field of Schedule Payment card. Staff user also has the choice to deactivate these custom metadata records to redirect user to My Scheduled Payments page for all schedules. (NC-5748)

Change your username hassle free

Fixed an error that could occur the first time a user changes their username in Community Hub. (NC-5760)

Styling fixed for Profile photo card

Styling improvement was made to profile photo card on Personal Snapshot page so that Name is displayed clearly. (NC-5847)

Nimble Query

Defects Fixed

Preview Scroll Bar is Back!

While creating a query on Account object such that the result set is large (e.g. 100), on clicking Preview, the scroll bar was missing on the Preview modal and Save button didn't display unless the user zoomed in the screen. This was fixed. (NQ-146)