Winter '21 Changelog

This is a list of every change made in the Winter '21  release of Nimble AMS. To view a list of only major features in the latest release, head next door to our new features.

Nimble AMS Staff View

What's new?

Now choose to start an annual prorated membership the next month

You can now use the Start Date Control (Day) field of membership type for annual memberships just like anniversary memberships. To do this, in Start Date Control (Day), of Membership type, enter the day of the month that determines when the purchased membership will begin. For example: 15 sets the rule that a membership purchased on the 15th, or any day after of any month will begin on the 1st of the following month and membership purchases made prior to the 15th of the month will begin on the 1st of the current month.

To use this on annual memberships, you need to Enable Start Date Control for Prorated Memberships. (AMS-11293)

Added Flexibility to Scheduling Installment Payments

Users now have the flexibility to select the current date as the start date, during order payment using installment payments through Nimble AMS and Community Hub. Selecting the current date as start date will result in the immediate processing of the first installment payment. (AMS-11598)

Defects Fixed

Fixed an error for express payment orders and donations

Previously, when a payment was processed for express payment orders and donations, an error was being sent to the customer’s email because the related payment record in Nimble AMS incorrectly had the Pending Capture field as selected.

This error is removed by ensuring that the Pending Capture field remains unchecked when Payment Processor Reason Message is Approved Sale. (AMS-11667)

Correct dates now display for membership adjustment cart

When staff users edited an existing membership cart, the Start Date of the membership products was being overridden by the Join On date of the Account, on the Edit Cart page. Now the correct date is displayed for adjustment carts with membership products. (AMS-11671)

Fixed issue preventing creation of stored payment methods when using Hosted Payment Forms

Previously, user were getting an error while creating a stored payment method if Nimble AMS was set up with CardConnect and Hosted Payment Forms. This issue has been fixed now and the user can create a stored payment method without error. (AMS-11643)

Now process recurring and installment payment lines optimally

Changes were made to ScheduleLineProcessorJob to eliminate some errors while processing schedule lines. This job now runs twice: once for Recurring Schedules and once for Payment Schedules. Changes require no additional action by users. (AMS-11666)

Cancel membership orders through API

Staff user was getting a SOQL exception error while canceling membership order through an Order API. We have fixed this issue and staff users can easily cancel membership orders with the improved Order API. (AMS-11645)

Application of deferred coupons on registration orders made error-free

Now, you can apply deferred coupons to carts having registration products or events successfully. The errors preventing this are resolved. (AMS-11362)

Recurring schedules with bank accounts made possible

Recurring schedule lines were failing when the bank account was being used as the stored payment method for recurring memberships. After this fix, the recurring schedules will be processed with a bank account as well. (AMS-11640)

Issue in capturing bank account payments in fixed

Due to an issue with bank account payments, the transactions were not being captured for Auth.Net payment gateway. This issue has been resolved and bank account payments are being captured as expected. User can find it in the transaction section of Auth.Net to confirm. (AMS-11652)

Error on paying with bank account as stored payment method fixed

The error which displayed previously when payment was made with a bank account as a stored payment method is now fixed. (AMS-11677)

Manage Payment LWC only shown for supported payment types

With the new improved logic, the Manage Payment LWC will not render on the Payment page for unsupported payment types. Previously, an error was displayed on the payment pages having a payment type which is not supported. (AMS-11655)

Fixed an order confirmation email issue for successfully submitted orders

Previously we were having email processing issue for Order Confirmation where user was not getting Confirmation Emails for successfully submitted orders. After the fix, the order confirmation emails are sent from Nimble AMS and received by the user as expected. (AMS-11691)

Fixed an error which prevented users from editing the donation orders

You can now edit the donation orders with schedule payments by clicking Edit button on donation record detail page. Previously user was getting error when they tried to edit the donation order. (AMS-11748)

Fixed the merge account error when address has only latitude or longitude

Previously, user was getting error when merging accounts if one account had an address with only the latitude or longitude populated. After the fix, the merge account process can be completed successfully along with the correct Latitude, Longitude, and Geocode Accuracy values populated for the Billing Address. (AMS-11725)

Users now able to register for events with the same name as inactive past events

While searching for an event during event registration, staff users received an error if the searched event had the same name as an inactive event from the past. This has been fixed and staff users can now search and register for active events successfully. (AMS-11712)

Drawing benefits from Asynchronous membership flow down made smoother

All customers can now draw benefits from asynchronous membership flowdown, as an issue preventing membership joins to flow down from parent to child affiliations has been fixed. (AMS-11697)

Fix made in Membership status field

The issue which caused memberships with 0 month Grace Period to show a Status of Grace has been fixed. (AMS-11657)

Updated error message for billing history preview job fails

An incorrect error message was displayed if the membership field was blank for the account and user tried to generate billing history preview i.e. “0 new bills will be generated”. Now we have fixed this issue with correct error message - “There was an error generating the preview”. (AMS-11631)

Now Pay later for recurring orders without stored payment method in Nimble AMS

You can now pay later while recurring your orders from the order item, even if there is no stored payment method on the user’s account. Previously, the staff user was getting an error in loading recurring options if there was no stored payment method for the user’s account. (AMS-11590)

Fix made to monthly installments with annual recurrence

When Recurring Schedules for an annual frequency were creating a new order the next recurring schedule was incorrectly scheduled one day later than the previous start date. We have fixed this issue which will help improve staff users have better and more accurate visibility into subscription history. Now the second subscription schedule will generate with the correct start date. (AMS-11724)

Community Hub

What's new?

Dynamic Pagination for Lightning Store

We improved the pagination UI in the Lightning Store to make it easier for users to navigate through a large list of products. Users will now see page numbers they can navigate to, in addition to the previous page and next page options. (NC-5415)

Recurring required memberships and stored payment method now compatible

Previously, in the absence of a stored payment method, if a community hub user ordered a membership of a Membership Type having Auto-Renew Required selected, system was not enforcing recurrence on the membership. It was allowing the user to submit a one time membership. This is fixed and system now enforces recurring for a recurring required membership.  (NC-5797, NC-5822)

Resolved search results page accessibility issue while adding affiliation

Previously, while adding affiliation on Personal Snapshot page, when the search returned multiple pages, navigating to the next search result pages would cause an issue. This issue prevented the users from getting any search results when they would search with a different valid keywords.

We have fixed this issue. Now users can search and view several search record pages without any interruption to add an affiliation. (NC-5850)

Defects Fixed

Pay now button now prevents multiple payment records

The Pay Now button on My Scheduled Payments page now creates payment records only for the first click, ignoring the extra clicks if any. Previously clicking it multiple times resulted in multiple payments being recorded in the related order of Nimble AMS. (NC-5853)

Fixed the payment method issue for donate now page and express payment for order

Previously, when Pay Now - New Credit Card was selected as default on the Donate Now and Express Payment checkout pages, My Payment Methods card was displayed instead of Billing Address card and Credit Card Information card. This issue is now fixed and the correct cards are displayed based on the selected payment method. (NC-5897)

Guest User permission set updated

We have removed ViewAllRecords and AllowDelete permissions from the Guest User permission set to adhere to a Salesforce critical update. (NC-5865)

Improved Lightning Store performance: Optional deactivation of category hierarchy

We improved the performance of the Lightning Store when a large number of products are configured to appear with category hierarchy. We have provided an ability to manage this issue by deactivating category hierarchy from the Lightning Store. (NC-5899, NC-5920)

More flexibility in using custom data cards

Fixed an issue which caused errors when trying to edit a custom card with no data source or an invalid data source. (NC-5892, NC-5849)

Resolved picklist sort order issue in adding a card

You will now see correctly sorted values in the Add a Card picklist while adding a card to a page, as an issue with picklist name sorting has been resolved. (NC-5852)

Improved validation by adding card alert message on Membership Bundle Options Card

We have implemented alerts within the Membership Bundle Options so that when validation occurs, the error message can appear on the card. This helps the Community Hub users to understand relevant error messages in the correct location when they encounter any validations before proceeding ahead. (NC-5886)