Winter '21 Maintenance Release

This is a list of every change made in the Winter '21 Maintenance Release of Nimble AMS. To view a list of only major features in the latest release, head next door to our new features.

Maintenance Release - Staff View

SendGrid API updated to enhance security CRITICAL UPDATE

To ensure our SendGrid customers are not affected by the security change it is making, we have configured each org to use a unique API key.  No action required by our SendGrid customers.  (AMS-11920)

Do we use SendGrid?

  1. From the Setup Menu, open Installed Packages.

  2. Find the entry for Nimble AMS, and click the Configure link.

  3. Look for the “Email Service” drop-down list - If the service is set to “SendGridEmailService” then you are configured to use SendGrid.

For additional SendGrid information please review: Upgrade your SendGrid Authentication Method to API Keys (External)

Coupon rules improved to prevent $0 coupons

Previously users were able to create 0 dollar and null percent discount coupon or null dollar and 0 percent discount coupons, which was causing a confusion for them. We have made changes to ensure they are prevented from creating 0 dollar/null percent discount coupons and null dollar/0 percent discount coupons. (AMS-8164)

Adding international addresses to accounts with states no longer causes intermittent issues

Changing an account's address to an international country that has states used to intermittently fail with an error message. Now you can easily enter valid mailing and billing addresses in accounts as the defect causing false validation errors in state and country picklist is now fixed. (AMS-11792)

Only one AccountupdateserviceQueueable is now added to the apex jobs list

When calling the Payment Authorization Service, two AccountupdateserviceQueueable were added to the apex jobs list. Now, a single AccountupdateserviceQueueable is added to the Apex Jobs list when calling PaymentAuthorizationService.authorize() – instead of two. (AMS-11820)

Deferred Revenue now properly recognized for Schedules based on Frequencies

Deferred revenue recognition was not accounting properly for Schedules based on Frequencies. Now Deferred revenue is now properly recognized for Schedules based on Frequencies. (AMS-11821)

Committee Membership record's email field now auto-populate with account email

A Committee Membership with no true end date would not maintain the email field when the Person Email field on the Account is updated. Now, the member email field of the Committee Membership record auto populates with the account email even when the membership end date is not set. (AMS-11844)

Enabling Lightning Debug Mode no longer causes error

When Lightning Debug Mode was enabled, errors occurred on the One Payment Wizard.  The issue has been resolved. (AMS-11853)

Order API now supports simultaneous generation of multiple payments for the same order. 

The Order API was preventing multiple payments for orders. Now, the Order API supports multiple installment payments and processing for the same order. (AMS-11894)

Recurring orders for Capturing stored credit card payments processing improved

Previously credit card payment captures process occasionally stalled, now you will experience improved reliability for both recurring and scheduled payments. (AMS-11911, AMS-11939)

Error in editing orders with recurring eligible donation products removed

You will no longer see an error on the order detail page while editing an order for a recurring eligible donation product, as this issue has been resolved. (AMS-11818)

Schedule lines now indicate failed status for incorrectly configured schedules

When schedules with invalid configuration (like a missing order) were processed, the related schedule lines remained in Processing status. This is now fixed and such schedule lines are now marked as failed, with an error message informing the user that the parent schedule is not configured properly. (AMS-11798)

Spillover of errors from one schedule or schedule line to the others is now corrected

When Payment Type was blank on the External Payment Profile, a spillover of errors from a single schedule or schedule line would occur.  This has been resolved and errors no longer spill over to the Status Detail field of the other schedules or schedule lines in the batch.  (AMS-11850)

Cancelled and refunded transactions for $0 order items are now being created consistently

Previously, during the October/November timeframe $0 cancelled/refunded order transactions were not being created. Now you will now see transactions for cancelled and refunded orders dependably.  (AMS-11868)

Issue in Order confirmation emails fixed

Previously we were having email processing issue for Order Confirmation where user was not getting Confirmation Emails for successfully submitted orders. After the fix the order confirmation emails are sent from Nimble AMS and received by the user as expected. (AMS-11799)

Maintenance Release - Community Hub

Salesforce is forcing read/create-only access to most objects for unauthenticated guest users as of the Spring '21 rollout in February 2021 CRITICAL UPDATE ACTION REQUIRED

To prepare for a Salesforce Spring '21, critical update, we have removed our remaining dependencies on Delete, Edit, or ViewAll permissions on four custom objects, namely Cart, CartPayment, Entity, and Query.  

The upgrade addresses the product capabilities.  We recommend that you evaluate any customizations for Guest permissions. We’ll be reaching out individually to affected customers with direct communication.  (NC-5983, PROD-2899)

Move the Headers of the Lightning Store Detail behind the WCAG toggle

Users may have experienced the header display issues on the Lightning store and Lightning Product Detail page. Now, the WCAG feature header is behind the compliance toggle. (NC-5988)

Lightning Store Product grid now displays correct number of items and pages

Previously, users saw an incorrect number of items and pages displayed.  Now, users will see the correct number of items displayed. (NC-6003)

Fixed the reCAPTCHA card display issue on Community Hub pages.

The reCAPTCHA card disappeared after making selection options which caused the Community Hub page to reload. Now, users will see the reCAPTCHA card after the selection is made. (NC-5971, NC-5972)

After a page reload triggered by selecting from options on the Donate Now page, reCAPTCHA card would disappeared. Now, the issue has been resolved and Donate Now page will not reload based on the selection option. (NC-5984)

Processed Company Schedules have been fixed to display on the correct page

Previously, after paying off an installment, company schedules were wrongly displayed on My Scheduled Payments page. This has been fixed and processed company schedules will now appear on the Company Scheduled Payments page. (NC-5939)

Company Roster card type no longer requires the profile image when using custom datasource

Previously, the Company Roster card type required access from the Account object when datasource was used. Now, the user can see the card type without the profile image. (NC-5993)

Lightning Store pagination now properly follows configuration

You will no longer see pagination on Lightning Store page when Show Multiple Pages is left unchecked on product grid configuration component while building the lightning community. Before this fix lightning store showed multiple pages even when configured not to. (NC-5973)

Resolved a SOQL Timeout issue on the checkout page

Some users experienced a 'SOQL timeout' error on the checkout page caused by having more items in their cart than the page could support. It was a rare situation but something we don't want users to ever experience.  We've resolve this issue so users will no longer encounter the issue on the checkout page. (NC-5974)