Best Practices

Best Practices are described as "a single or set of methods or techniques that function in superior manner to alternatives, which produce favorable results in particular situations" - we use them in our daily work and home lives to make things easier or more efficient, but when it comes to a mixing of steps provided from one source in conjunction with another, sometimes these can be tweaked to ensure an even more favorable and timely outcome.

Data Backups with Nimble AMS

Having a back up of your information is always a good thing - especially when that information is not only your organizations, but also that of your constituents. These backups can save time, effort, stress, and money in the event of data loss. Nimble AMS will back up data such as Custom Metadata and Unmanaged Code on a nightly basis, but with Salesforce, you can back up your entire organizations on a regular basis through their Data Export Process (external).

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Salesforce Server Migrations with Nimble AMS

At a particular age, Salesforce will replace their servers and migrate organizations, generally Production instances, to a new server - because of this, they have their own set of generic best practices. With Nimble AMS, there are a few additional best practices to follow that will help provide a smooth transition in the event your Organization is migrated.

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