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Nimble AMS Help

Find Nimble AMS documentation to help you succeed.

Release Notes

Getting Started

New to Nimble AMS, or just looking to expand your knowledge? Check out the Basics or go to Salesforce Trailhead, which is loaded with interactive modules for learning. The better you are at Salesforce, the better you are at Nimble AMS! 

Best Practices

Learn about Nimble AMS best practices, including working on the Salesforce platform.

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Nimbleland - Nimble AMS User Community

Nimble AMS API Docs - API documentation resources for developers.

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Summer '24 Major Features

Major Features

Check out the new features and capabilities in the latest release of Nimble AMS. Go to the Summer '24 Major Features page to learn more.

Here's a quick overview:

  • Nimble Intelligence
  • Donation Prediction
  • Experience Cloud Community Hub Improvements
    • Campaign Code Tracking through URL
    • One-Click Checkout
    • Guest Orders Mapping Tool
    • Committees in Community Hub
    • Dynamic Search and Filter
  • Crowd Wisdom Integration Updates

To view the latest Fixes and Improvements for the Summer '24 Release, go to the Summer '24 Changelog.

 How Releases Work

We upgrade Nimble AMS three times a year, on top of Salesforce's upgrades three times a year. In addition, we release fixes and improvements, between our seasonal releases and maintenance releases. Learn about the Release Dates, the Feature Lifecycle, or the Release Channels.



Nimble AMS includes a full accounting sub-ledger with multi-entity management and constituent billing. Read more (Go back to the top)


In Nimble AMS, you use products to represent the goods or services your association offers to your constituents. Your products are set up using product types which define what attributes the products have. For example, an event session product has a start and end date, but a merchandise product does not. Your products are purchased by your constituent using orders. Read more


Deals let staff manage their current, future (pipeline), and past sales opportunities, and is a great first step for an organization that is centralizing and automating their existing sales process. For even more advanced sales management tools, an organization can enhance the process further by using Salesforce Sales Cloud. For more robust capabilities, leverage Sales Cloud Optimization feature built by Nimble AMS. Read more


There are many products that a constituent might want to purchase from an association, such as a membership, event registration, subscription, certification/accreditation fee, or store merchandise. Constituents can also make donations. For any other types of products, Nimble AMS can track them as "miscellaneous" products. Read more


Administrators can set up payment preferences to support your associations business process. You can control means of payment available in Community Hub and Staff View, as well as how those payments are associated to the different entities your association manages. Read more


Coupons allow staff to create codes that can be used by Community Hub users to receive dollar amount or percentage-based discounts on eligible order items. The checkout page will show a Coupon card if there are active coupon codes for the primary entity and the current cart is over $0. Read more



Your constituents are represented in Nimble AMS as account records which contain demographic and historical information of their interactions with your association. Read more  (Go back to the top)


Your constituents are represented in Nimble AMS as account records which contain demographic and historical information of their interactions with your association. Read more

 Data Protection and Privacy

Learn about the guidance and tools in Nimble AMS and Salesforce that help your association comply with various data protection and privacy regulations. Read more

 Data Quality

You can use Salesforce Duplicate Management throughout Staff View and Community Hub to ensure your business account and company account data remains clean, dupe-free, and accurate. Read more



In Nimble AMS, staff can create and manage committees, committee positions, and committee memberships to track and facilitate constituent interactions. Read more        (Go back to the top)


Use engagements to track and manage your constituents' involvement with your association. Read more


The Nimble AMS Membership object and process enables you to easily manage your association's current, future, and past memberships. This can be tuned to a professional association where the memberships are primarily individuals, to a trade association where the memberships are at the organization level with complex flow-down rules, or to a combination of both professional and trade membership features within the same organization. Read more


Nimble AMS Programs allow associations to track term-based education, accreditation, and certification programs. Program records are created in Nimble AMS through the order wizard, whether the program is cost-based or complimentary. Read more


Nimble AMS provides functionality that allows staff to configure donation products and process them in Staff View. Constituents can also easily make monetary donations to your association from Community Hub. Read more


Staff can set up events of any size, from webinars to large, week-long conferences. Your event can be as simple or as advanced as you need, and your constituents can register and modify their registration in Community Hub; so staff focus on planning a great event. Read more


Staff can manage your constituents' subscriptions with your association, for specific publications, and individual issues. Read more


 Integration Setup

Administrators can create integration settings to pass information to and from Nimble AMS using the Nimble Fuse API or a third-party API. Read more          (Go back to the top)

 Specific Integrations

Administrators can integrate Nimble AMS with other Community Brands applications to meet all of your association's needs. Nimble AMS is part of the larger Community Brands family of solutions. Read more



Nimble AMS utilizes platform security tools provided by Salesforce. This section contains information about security configuration specific to Nimble AMS, such as the Nimble AMS Standard profile.

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The term analytics is used in many different manners, depending on how a company processes and views their data. In Nimble AMS and Salesforce, analytics are tied together in a neat little bow through the use of point-and-click reports and dashboards that leave plenty of room for unique configurations. Read more          (Go back to the top)

 Nimble Create Help

Nimble Create gives admins the power to create very flexible, dynamic custom reports and communication templates formatted with HTML to meet your specific needs, all without code. They can even be presented to constituents in Community Hub. Read more

 Nimble Query Help

Nimble Query makes it extremely easy to build SOQL Queries. This section of Help explains how the Nimble Query (NQ) package works and provides detailed information about how SOQL queries work for those who are new to it. Read more

 Business Events

Business Events make it simple for app builders and administrators to use declarative tools to react to common system actions and activitiesFor example, rather than building elaborate triggering criteria for when a process should execute, wouldn't it be convenient if the triggering criteria could just be a simple, predefined platform event? This prevents repetitive setup across multiple processes and makes it simpler for non-technical users, abstracting out the complicated condition building in a process. Now, they can just ask, "What do I want to have happen when the complicated thing happens?" This also empowers app builders and admins to trigger processes in a powerful new way: time-based events that trigger when date and time fields elapse! Read more

 Business Rules

When customizing Nimble AMS to fit your business process, admins can use a business rule configured through point-and-click to control the behavior of a technical process based on a True or False result or customize business rules to suit your Organization through a developer. In the Business Rules tab, admins can set what evaluations are made to determine how the business rule resolves. Read more

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