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Accounting Configuration

A large part of Accounting with Nimble AMS is your initial Accounting Configuration; the 'set-it-and-forget-it' tasks that provide your constituents with the best possible experience, and your Staff with the easiest way to balance credits and debits across transactions and orders.

Accrual Dues

Administrators can configure accrual billing to meet your association's needs, after minimal initial setup from our implementation team, who will work together with your organization to ensure this feature meets your needs. Using the Accrual Dues method over the Cash Billing method, the accounting impact of an order happens when your organization generates the membership renewals rather than recognition only occurring when the membership join or renewal is actually paid.  At the actual time of billing, the membership income will be recognized, along with AR and later, when the payment is received, the payment is applied against the outstanding AR balance.

Bulk Billing

Nimble AMS can configure Billing History to meet your association's needs.


With Nimble AMS you can track and manage one or more financial entities. Each financial entity of your association managed within Nimble AMS is represented by an entity record. The entity holds a variety of settings and information used when entering orders and other financial processes, as well as analytics. 

Sales Taxes

You can charge and collect sales taxes on the merchandise products you sell to your constituents.

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