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Additional Settings

Imagine going to a restaurant and looking forward to an amazing meal, only to find out that no matter what you get for your meal, the only side available to you is french fries. Some people would be thrilled, who doesn't like fries after all, but most of us would be a bit disappointed by the lack of choice available to us. That is what the Additional Settings gives you - if you just want the regular, you don't necessarily need these, but if you're looking for additional options? Well, you have them in spades.

Automated User Creation

Administrators can set when Nimble AMS automatically creates a Community Hub user record along with a constituents new account record.

Configure the Default Time Zone of Community Hub Users

With assistance, administrators can configure the default timezone for all users created in Community Hub. This affects all dates and times seen in Community Hub.

Duplicate Account Management

You can use Salesforce Duplicate Management throughout Staff View and Community Hub to ensure your business account and company account data remains clean, dupe-free, and accurate.

Find My Account

Enabling the Find My Account setting will allow users who may not know if they have an account, to search Community Hub based on unique information such as their Company ID, Email, or Name. 

License Recycling

Each org has a limited number of Community Hub licenses which can be exceeded by the number of Community Hub users. License recycling is designed to provide organizations that have more Community Hub users than licenses a way to automatically shift licenses between users so they are able to log in without negatively impacting their experience. It is essentially a way to allow users to access Community Hub while working with a limited license count. 

Enable Detailed Error Messages for a Community Hub User

By default, Community Hub shows users a simple error message when an unexpected issue is encountered. To aid in diagnosing and debugging any issues, administrators can enable detailed error messages for particular users in Community Hub.

Password Settings

Passwords are used everywhere - keeping everything from our phones to our homes safe. We want to be as secure as possible, to keep that information from falling into the wrong hands, and we have the ability to tailor our password requirements to your needs. So whether you're meeting HIPPA, PCI, or GDPR Compliances, you can make sure that data is protected.

Constituents can upload and manage their photo for a more personalized account profile and experience in Community Hub. Their profile photo displays on the Personal Snapshot page and can be used in various rosters, directories or even a community.

Company managers can also upload and manage the logo for their company profile and the profiles of their company locations. The company logo displays on the Company Profile page and can also be used in rosters, directories, and more published items like a buyers guide.

Enable the Creation of Domain Level Cookies

Community Hub can create custom domain level cookies to assist in situations where logged in Community Hub users should also be logged into websites or other services. These custom domain level cookies are created when a user is logged into Community Hub and browses to any Community Hub page. When a Community Hub user has logged out or their session expires and they browse to a Community Hub page, these custom domain level cookies are set to expired as well.

Social Sign On

You can enable users to create an account or log into Community Hub using their social account login credentials from an external authentication provider such as Facebook© or Google©. Nimble AMS supports many standard authentication providers, and can can be set up to authenticate with a custom provider of your choosing.

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