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Chapters are an important part of many Associations and how they deliver value to their members. Chapters enable Associations to have a local presence to encourage member engagement, thus helping in recruiting and retaining members.  

Chapters act as an extension of the organization, helping further its mission by improving member engagement. Chapters help in increasing member engagement, recruiting and retaining members, providing leadership development, and handling marketing and communications efforts at the local level. Local chapters are the membership heartbeat of an association, and allow Associations a great opportunity to discover and serve the needs of all its constituents.


  • Drive stronger connections: By providing your members with easy to navigate chapters, associations can more easily further their mission by improving member experiences.
  • Increase member engagement: Engage members by creating programs targeted toward a chapters demographic
  • Simplify Management: Association staff will spend less time managing chapters by leveraging powerful capabilities designed to simplify management of chapters.
  • Create a local presence: Easily give constituents access to tailored, local information, other members, and tailored events

What are Chapters?

A Chapter is an organization or group that has memberships defined by location, common interest or other criteria and share a mission. Chapters provide constituents with networking, educational programs, and volunteer leadership opportunities close to home.

Value of Chapters

Nimble AMS Chapters allows Associations to create and manage their chapter needs all from the Nimble AMS platform. Associations can take advantage of the powerful features and functionality that they already know within Nimble AMS, including memberships, dues, events and Communities. Members can collaborate, message and share by using dedicated collaboration groups.

Associations will have the ability to create and manage their chapters from Nimble AMS.

  • Chapter Memberships can be created and assigned manually or automatically, with roles and term limits

  • Chapter Assignment rules make it easy to assign individual members to the correct chapter

    • Create manual or custom assignments with or without chapter dues/membership

  • Chapter Reports bring real time information to Chapter Staff

    • Association Staff can easily create reports to be made available to chapter managers, and update the reports as needed

  • Chapter Roles let you assign members to roles that reflect their positions

  • Chapter Staff can easily manage chapter directories, chapter information and prospective members

Chapter Portal

A Chapter Portal brings the Chapter, and all of its information, directly to an Association's members.

How to get started?

For more information on enabling this feature please reach out to our Customer Success Team through a support case.

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