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Community Hub Configuration

Administrators can set up one or more Community Hub to create a custom online experience(s) for your constituents. A Community Hub is composed of different components which work together to shape the experience and behavior of the site.

 All Community Hub components fit on all screen sizes, orientations, and network connections ensuring your constituents can interact with your association on whatever device they want.

Additionally, custom labels are used for all component text displayed in a Community Hub, and can be reused in multiple components and Community Hub. Custom labels that are part of a Nimble AMS package are protected from direct editing, but administrators can alter them using the Translation Workbench. Other labels, such as the custom labels you create yourself, are unprotected, and can be changed by administrators in the Community Hub Setup app.

Administrators can customize the multiple components of Community Hub, and generally, in this order:

  • Community Hubs—Create one or more Community Hub for your association's different entities.
  • Logo and Theme—Customize theme colors, logos, favicon, and page headings, or create a totally custom header, footer, and theme.
  • Menus—Customize the global and account menus by adding, reordering, styling, and removing navigational menu options.
  • Pages and Cards—Create and customize pages and cards, and apply page templates to change the way your page is laid out and how information is displayed.
  • Card Layouts—Create and apply card layouts to customize the way cards display.
  • Data Sources—Create, edit and add data sources to customize the information displayed on cards.
  • Filters—Create, edit, and reorder filters to provide a way to filter and view different information on a card.
  • Fields—Rename fields, create field validation rules, define field permissions, and customizes the way lookup fields behave on cards.
  • Buttons—Create, edit, and position buttons to provide ways to interact with cards and pages.
  • Custom Labels—Create and edit custom labels to display text and CSS.
  • Access Controls—Grant or revoke user access to menu items, pages, cards, and buttons in based on criteria you define.
  • Emails—Create or customize email templates sent when a new account is created or a password is reset or changed.
  • Management—Enable detailed error messages to help support constituents and move you Community Hub customizations from one org to another.

Administrators use the Community Hub Setup app in Staff View to customize your online experience.

Internet Explorer versions 9, 10, and 11 are not supported for autocomplete for labels and inline creation / editing of field sets in the Community Hub Setup App. We recommend you switch to a modern browser.

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