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Deferred Revenue Forecasting

Enabling Deferred Revenue Forecasting provides access to create a snapshot of an organization's Deferred Revenue based on a point in time through use of the As of Date field. If your Organization is interested in this feature, contact Nimble AMS Support to have this enabled.

In order to run the Deferred Revenue Forecast, a user who is not an Administrator needs to have access to the Deferred Revenue Forecast Visual Force page. In addition, he or she must:

  • Modify All on the Deferred Revenue Snapshot Record
  • Edit the Deferred Revenue Forecast Controller Apex Class

 Running A Deferred Revenue Forecast

  1. From All Tabs, navigate to the Deferred Revenue Forecast tab.
  2. Enter the following fields to suit your current specifications:
    • Snapshot NameThis will default to "DR Forecast"; optionally, you can enter a custom snapshot name to better locate the snapshots that are related to one other. 
    • As Of DateThis determines what revenue has already been recognized and what is remaining to be recognized on the date chosen.
    • EntityThis is a dropdown list of options, defaulting to "all", but provides access to any one entity defined within the org.
    • Details Level
      • Schedule: Creates a snapshot record for each of the deferred revenue schedules that have unrecognized revenue on the 'As of Date'
      • Order: Creates a snapshot record for each order that has deferred revenue and is unrecognized on the 'As of Date'
      • Order Item Line: Creates a snapshot record for each order item line that has deferred revenue that is unrecognized on the 'As of Date'
  3. Submit the forecast snapshot.

The process runs to find the Deferred Schedules that had a non-zero balance on the 'As Of Date' for the entity or entities selected. Records are inserted into the object named DR Snapshots. In addition, you can see on the form when the process has completed through the process bar but can leave the page and an email will be sent to the running user upon completion.

Visual Example [Salesforce Classic]

Visual Example [Lightning Experience]

Though there are no example reports included in the enablement of the Deferred Revenue Forecast, there are managed report types and the ease to create custom report types. A custom report type could include any additional custom fields desired that come from related objects (i.e., the Schedule, the Deferred Revenue Method, etc.) rather than needing to modify the DR Snapshot object itself. 

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