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Delete an Account Tied to a Community Hub User

In the case where a Community Hub user creates an Account the staff wish to delete it, this can be done by deactivating the attached User record and deleting the Account record. If you do not see the "Disable Customer" button, reach out to Nimble AMS Support to have this added to your page layouts.

In order to delete an Account Tied to a User a staff member must have the "Manage Users" permission.

Disabling an account with a user permanently disables the user associated with the account and removes it from all communities, groups, teams, permission sets, and sharing rules in which it was associated. Also, roles and groups owned the account are permanently deleted and not moved to the Recycle Bin. The user record remains in the org and cannot be removed.

  1. From an account, click Manage External Account and select Disable Customer Account.
  2. Click Delete.

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