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Disable Nimble AMS Triggers

A trigger is code that acts behind the scenes in Nimble AMS to connect and validate data. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to disable a trigger temporarily.

When disabled, the trigger still technically runs, but all of its behavior is bypassed.

Disabled Triggers is a maintenance utility for use by qualified personnel only. Do not use Disabled Triggers unless instructed to do so by Nimble AMS Support. Disabling triggers without understanding the side effects can result in data corruption.

If you are instructed by Nimble AMS Support to use Disabled Triggers, enter the name of each trigger to disable on its own line. Do not insert a line break after the final trigger or in between triggers.

Here are the triggers that can be disabled, when necessary, by qualified personnel.

  • AffiliationTriggers
  • BatchExportConfigurationTrigger
  • BatchTrigger
  • CartTrigger
  • CommitteeMembershipTrigger
  • DonationTrigger
  • EntityTrigger
  • EventAnswerTrigger
  • EventBadgeTrigger
  • EventTrigger
  • InventoryTrigger
  • MembershipTrigger
  • MembershipTypeTrigger
  • MerchandiseTrigger
  • MiscellaneousTrigger
  • OrderItemConfigurationTrigger
  • OrderItemLineTrigger
  • OrderItemTrigger
  • ProductTrigger
  • Registration2Trigger
  • SpecialPriceTrigger
  • SubscriptionTrigger
  • TransactionTrigger

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