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Donation Processing

Staff and constituents can make stand alone donations or make a donation as part of a membership join or renewal.

Standalone Donations

Staff can receive standalone donations in the Staff Vieworder process. There, staff can select an appeal to which the gift applies, select a donation product receiving the gift, use the suggested gift amount, or enter another amount.

Learn more about the Add Donation Page in Staff View.

Constituents can click a "Donate Now" button in the global menu to browse a list of causes or use direct links shared with them by staff to browse to a Community Hub checkout page for donation product. On the donation checkout page, they can choose their gift amount, provide some donation information, and checkout as a guest or by logging into their account to be credited with their gift.

Learn More about these Community Hub pages:

Donation with a Membership

Staff can receive donations with a membership join or renewal in the Staff Vieworder process. After selecting a membership type, staff can select a donation product, the appeal to which is applies, and use the suggested gift amount, or enter another amount.

Learn more about the Add Membership Page in Staff View.

On the Join or Renew Page, constituents can choose a membership type with an optional donation product. Constituents can give the recommended gift amount or alter their amount to give what they'd like.

Learn more about the Join or Renew Page in Community Hub.

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