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Email Wizard

The Nimble Committee Email Wizard is a tool that enables staff to mass email a group of Committee Members or Accounts. This process can use either a pre-formatted Email Template or a manually input set of text.


If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to Nimble AMS Support for assistance. In addition, Email-To-Case activation is required in order for this tool to be installed and used. This can be enabled using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup | Customize | Cases | Email-to-Case
  2. Click Edit
  3. Before letting you edit, you may be taken to a Support Settings page asking you to review On-Demand Service Setup Requirements.
    1. If so, follow the prompts to select a Default Case Owner and Automated Case User - it is recommended that you set this to an administrator. Once you've done this, you will be able to edit the Email-to-Case Settings page
  4. On the Email-to-Case Settings page, check the box for Enable Email-to-Case and click Save.

Post Enablement Instructions

Add Button to Accounts List View

  1. Navigate to Setup | Customize | Accounts | Search Layouts in Salesforce Classic or Setup | Object Manager | Account | Search Layouts in Lightning Experience
  2. Find Accounts List View and click Edit.
  3. Add the Send Emails button.

Add Button to Committee Memberships List View

  1. Navigate to Setup | Create | Objects | Committee Memberships in Salesforce Classic or Setup | Object Manager | Committee Memberships | Search Layouts in Lightning Experience

  2. Under Search Layouts, find Committee Memberships List View and click Edit.

  3. Add the Send Emails button.

Sending Emails With The Nimble Committees Email Wizard

  1. Navigate to the Account or Committee Membership tab and select the 'Send Email' button added to list view layouts
  2. A list of the email addresses selected will appear; below this, insert the name you would like to appear as the sender, as well as the email address.
  3. Select your email type and select next.
    1. Choosing 'Manual Email' will provide a separate section for the email subject and body, while will need to be manually added. This does not allow for merge fields to be used and is generally used in the event of a one time, mass, generic email.
    2. Choosing 'Email Template' will provide a drop down to select a preexisting Classic Email Template. 
  4. A preview of the email will appear for review and selecting 'next' again will send the email to each of the addresses noted in the beginning of the process.
  5. Select 'Finish' leave the process after completion.


Due to Salesforce Platform limitations, only 50 Committee Members or Accounts can be emailed at once through the Email Wizard at this time. If you are using Nimble Communities Email Wizard version 1.2 or lower, Lightning Experience users may also be directed to a blank page upon clicking 'finish' to leave the completed process page rather than being redirected back to the initial list view

Emails sent through the Nimble Committees Email Wizard will appear in the Salesforce Email Log (external)

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