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Membership Configuration

Memberships in Nimble AMS enable you to customize and configure records in a variety of ways through special pricing, membership types, proration rules, and membership products.

Membership Products

Staff can create and edit membership products to store basic price and description information to offer purchasable membership options to your constituents. A product should be set up for each additional option your association wants to track separately in the general ledger or show separately on orders when selling the membership. Additional options can include contributions, initiation fees, etc. Products can be tied to more than one membership type using Membership Type Product Links.

Membership Types

Membership Types define the different types / levels of membership available to individuals and organizations.

Membership Type Product Links hold additional specifics about Membership Types, including the membership term, grace period, and renewal type.

Enable Membership Renewal at Any Time in Community Hub

To allow Community Hub membership renewal at any time (without requiring an existing membership renewal notice).

Configure Individual and Company Renewal on the Personal Snapshot Page

Administrators can configure one or more cards on the Personal Snapshot page so you can provide constituents individual memberships, company memberships; or both.

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