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Nimble AMS myTrailhead Learning Platform

Are you ready to turbo boost your staff member's success as you maximize your AMS investment at the same time? Introducing Nimble AMS myTrailhead! You can now take advantage of training modules that are carefully designed to help you breeze through our already easy-to-use features.  With Nimble AMS mirroring the ideal product upgrade model that our business partner (Salesforce) executes, there‚Äôs a lot of product innovation to keep up with for each release. However, now through our own Trails and Badges you can:

  • Increase your awareness of features and functions that we've designed to optimize the efficiency of your business operations
  • Provide knowledge and guidance on which new features and functionalities help to achieve your strategic goals
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning to allow your staff to show their expertise


Figure 1. Nimble AMS myTrailhead screenshot that shows an example of numerous modules that are available


  • Self-directed and Continuous Training: Enable your staff to engage with learning about Nimble AMS features at their own pace and at times that suit them.  
  • Enhanced Employee Onboarding: Maintain current knowledge of features and functionalities from each release through the Nimble AMS myTrailhead modules. The course content will help your new employees recognize how easy the software is to use as they are onboarded.
  • Maximized Business Investment: Grow your business through the value that Nimble AMS offers through product training that includes videos (when available), other supporting material/media. and carefully prepared point-based quizzes.

Ready to get started?

Nimble AMS myTrailhead uses your NimbleLand login. Access myTrailhead or log in to NimbleLand by navigating to the Resources page and then clicking on the myTrailhead link.

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