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Nimble AMS Solution Hub

If you need a solution to solve additional business challenges, then our Solution Hub is a great resource to leverage to see if a solution already exists for you.  Solution Hub is our own AppExchange of Nimble AMS add-on applications (Solution Hub Apps) designed to help customers solve more problems. It makes it easier for you to find additional solutions to help you solve problems in a scalable and maintainable way.  You can view the Listing Details page to read an overview of an app and also see the status of one that has an 'Available', 'Installed', or 'Update Available' indicator. 

By using the Solution Hub, we've made it easier to adopt new Nimble AMS capabilities that will meet your additional business needs. To begin using this feature, your Administrators can assign the Nimble AMS Solution Hub permission set and begin perusing Solution Hub Apps right away.

Whether your association has a specific business challenge or you're just curious about our add-on applications that are available, it's possible that we've already built a solution for you. 

Examples of Available App Categories

Our Solution Hub of available apps are displayed in categories (which you can filter) to find the best option for your business needs. These categories are (but not limited to):

  • Accounting
  • Data Migration
  • Sponsorships
  • Events
  • Memberships
  • Order Entry

Figure 1. Solution Hub Home Page 


  • Makes it easier for customers to find add-on solutions that have developed over time.
  • Help associations resolve challenges and increase operational efficiency through time-saving solutions.
  • A growing list of solutions makes Solution Hub a valuable resource to check on periodically.
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