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Nimble AMS User Feedback Survey

Listening and learning from our customers is one of the most important things we can do to help make Nimble AMS even better.  Nimble AMS will ask staff users, on occasion, for their feedback on how the product is working for them through a brief feedback survey question.  This will give an opportunity for our users to directly share what's working well and areas we can improve our product to provide an even better experience for Associations.  The feedback survey is optional for users, and designed to be simple, quick and non-intrusive.  We appreciate your feedback and thank you for helping us improve Nimble AMS!

Staff users will get a feedback survey on standard Nimble AMS homepage asking how happy they are Nimble AMS. Users can respond to the question, “On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this product/company to a friend or colleague?” by giving a rating of 0-10 rating. After the staff users select a rating, follow up questions will be displayed, answering which, will help them in providing feedback for improvements and also in communicating what they like in our product. The staff users may be asked what they liked in Nimble AMS, or what they found missing or disappointing. 


  • Nimble AMS will only ask the feedback survey on occasion in order to gather responses with minimal interruption.
  • The feedback survey will only show for Nimble AMS licensed staff users.  Not Community Hub or Nimble Community users.
  • Staff users can choose to not respond.
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