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Nimble Create

Nimble Create gives admins the power to create very flexible, dynamic custom reports and communication templates formatted with HTML to meet your specific needs, all without code. They can even be presented to constituents in Community Hub.

Nimble Create combines the power of SOQL with an HTML template builder interface to create custom reports and templates, empowering your team to:

  • Create reports, documents, and emails that are formatted using your corporate brand and style (fonts, logos, colors, etc.)

  • Nest child templates within parent templates, such as including sub-reports in a larger report.

  • Display information from different, unrelated objects, which can otherwise be challenging to display in reports.

Power to the Administrator

It has always been possible to create custom features as aSalesforce developer by using Visualforce pages and Apex code. The power of Nimble Create is a developer is not needed to create or update the templates. You may, however, need a few minutes of a developer’s time if you are not familiar with SOQL queries. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you get started as a template author, there are a couple things you should know: 

  • You will need to know how to write simple SOQL queries or use Nimble Query
  • Nimble Create supports limited emailing with the following criteria:
    • The email is initiated by a workflow, process builder, or flow

    • The email is delivered through the Salesforce mail server (for those clients using SendGrid, it will still run through the Salesforce mail server).

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