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Nimble Fuse

 The Nimble Fuse package gives administrators essential objects for connecting Nimble AMS and external apps. Contact Nimble AMS Support to have this package installed in your org. If you are unsure if this has already been installed you can follow the steps below to check:

  1. From Setup, Search and Navigate to Installed Packages
  2. Look for "Nimble Integration Framework" within the Installed Packages list; if this is present, Nimble Fuse has already been installed within your organization.

Administrators can create integration settings to pass information to and from Nimble AMS using the Nimble Fuse API or a third-party API.

It is common to require Staff View or Community Hub to integrate with external apps. Administrators can customize three types of integrations—inbound, outbound, and callout—in Staff View to provide data to, or receive data from, external apps. Developers can request data from, or provide data to the Nimble Fuse API

Developers can pass along information which executes an integration setting via a REST-based service using either a Salesforce or Community Hub URL. Results are returned using Javascript Object Notation (JSON) format. Developers can also create an integration setting that executes a third-party API.

Logging to a third-party logging service, such as Loggly (external), is also supported.

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Things to Keep In Mind

Administrators should consider the following before configuring an integration setting:

  • Integrations do not support built-in paging. If pagination is necessary in the results, an administrator or developer should build this into the SOQL query.
  • Since JSON is the most commonly used lightweight data-interchange format, is easy for humans to read and write, and easy for computers to parse and generate, only JSON is returned.
  • Integrations use a REST service, with no SOAP service supported.

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