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There are many products that a constituent might want to purchase from an association, such as a membership, event registration, subscription, certification/accreditation fee, or store merchandise. Constituents can also make donations. For any other types of products, Nimble AMS can track them as "miscellaneous" products.

Nimble AMS makes it easy to combine the purchase of one or more products into a single order that can be paid immediately or through an invoice, through either Staff View or Community Hub. Both staff and constituents can place orders, make payments, and obtain confirmation of an order, all in the same place.

This is made easy for constituents and staff alike because Nimble AMS tracks all these of these different products using the same object in Staff View, named Products, which is distinct from the standard Products object in Salesforce.

Order Items and Order Item Lines

An order item is a product that has been purchased in an order with a quantity of at least one - this is then broken down into order item lines, which enables a simple look at a comprehensive list of each product by type.


To help you keep track of inventory amounts, when an order is submitted, an inventory record is created for any order item line containing a products with inventory tracking enabled. The inventory record contains the quantity purchased of the related products.

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