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Administrators can set up payment preferences to support your associations business process. You can control means of payment available in Community Hub and Staff View, as well as how those payments are associated to the different entities your association manages.

Payment Configuration

In order to process payments, whether in Staff View or through Community Hub, you will first need to set up a few things, such as payment gateways and entities.

Payment Management

Nimble AMS has multiple additions to help in managing payments.

Trusted Accounts

Staff have complete control over who should be able to pay using scheduled payments, installments, and bill me in Community Hub check out, and who should not. To use these payment methods, Trusted must be selected on a constituent's account.

This default behavior of how Trusted is set, and what payment options it enables can be configured using a Workflow (external) and Business Rules.

Trusted is set on an individual's account and has no effect on company accounts. This way you can give company managers unique payment options, and not all individuals affiliated with a company.

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