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 The Nimble Programs package gives your associations the tools you need to create and manage certification and accreditation programs. Contact Nimble AMS Support to have this package installed in your org.

Nimble AMS Programs allow associations to track term-based education, accreditation, and certification programs. Program records are created in Nimble AMS through the order wizard, whether the program is cost-based or complimentary.


Each Program record is comprised of Milestones. Milestones are automatically created after the Program record is purchased through the order wizard (for both cost or complementary programs). Milestones reflect each important point of progress made during a given Program term. A complimenting Milestone Type record defines a Milestone’s requirements.


Components are achievements collected by a candidate or designate. These achievements may be Continuing Education Units, experience, exam, documents, or anything else. Each Component is tagged with it’s specific Component Type, which helps identify the type of Component record it is (eg a Continuing Education Unit, Experience, Exam, etc). Components may exist within the system entirely independent from an active Program record. Components may be shared across many Programs. Milestone Type Component Type Links (MTCTL) records are used to explicitly define which Component Types fulfill a Milestone, via the Milestone Type record.

Milestone Component Link records tie a Component record to a Program’s Milestone. This linking action happens automatically based on the programs a person is enrolled in. Without a Milestone Component Link record, a Milestone will never be fulfilled, and a Program will never be completed.

Program Types

Program Types manage the overall structure, requirements, and management for completion. Individuals become certified for a specific program. Programs are made up of various Milestones and Components.

Program Type Product Link records tie a Program Product to a given Program’s Stage, using an optional, required, or primary purpose.

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