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Record Pages

The details for a specific record displays on a record page. A record page lays out all sorts of different components that contain information about the record as well as actions.

Along the top of a record page are the actions you can take on the record. Below, the Highlight Panel displays the most important data for your team, determined by the compact layout for the record. The Related List Quick Links display the related lists on the record. You can hover over the name of the related list to view a few records, or click to view all records in the list. Finally, the component section(s) display, which contain tabs, demographic fields in a page layout, lists of related records, or other Lightning components.

Nimble AMS includes record pages for each object which are optimized for associations. Your administrator can also create custom record pages. Learn more (external).

Record Page Tabs

Depending on the complexity of a record page, it may include multiple tabs. Each tab on a record page displays unique information related to what you might do with the record. Some common record page tabs are:

  • Related—Includes Notes, Files, and any miscellaneous related lists.
  • Details—Includes demographic fields, sections, and custom links.
  • Build—Includes components used for configuration and setup of Nimble AMS functionality.
    • As an example: On a event record, the Build tab displays various related records to set up the event, such as products, event session groups, and event questions.
  • Order—Includes components that correspond to the Staff View order process and workflow. This includes any order and cart objects as well as other supporting objects such as transactions.
    • As an example: On a donation record, the Order tab displays related order information, such as the order item lines.
  • Engagement—Includes components that involve account historical/participation records, such as committee membership, registrations, and memberships.
    • As an example: On a membership type record, the Engagement tab displays the related membership records.
  • Activity—Includes the Activities related to the record.
  • Chatter—Includes the Chatter feed related to the record.
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