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Release Dates

The Nimble AMS Summer '24 release is approaching and we want to ensure you know when it will roll out to your orgs. You'll have early access to Summer '24 in your staging sandbox to test your customizations with new features before your production org is upgraded.

We roll out a preview release of Summer '24 to your staging sandbox 4 weeks before the Nimble AMS production release. You may continue using your orgs during the rollouts, as service interruption is expected to be minimal. Preview and production releases are staggered into multiple groups determined by the Salesforce instance of your production org.

To learn what Salesforce instance your production org is on, go to the Company Information page in Setup:

  • In Salesforce Lightning Experience UI (LEX): Setup | Company Settings | Company Information
  • In Salesforce Classic UI (Aloha): Setup | Company Profile | Company Information

Group 1

Preview Release: Staging sandbox updates begin on May 12 at 9:00 PM ET.

Production Release: Production org updates begin on June 18 at 5:00 AM ET.

Group 2

Preview Release: Staging sandbox updates begin on May 19 at 9:00 PM ET.

Production Release: Production org updates begin on June 25 at 5:00 AM ET.

Group 1

  • CAN40, NA122, NA124, NA139, NA231, NA232, NA235, NA238, NA253, USA234, USA282, USA314, USA318, USA408, USA410, USA556, USA558, USA596, USA608, USA610, USA614, USA622, USA626, USA632, USA634, USA638, USA640, USA690

Group 2

  • CAN28, NA81, NA85, NA123, NA129, NA132, NA134, NA137, NA153, NA158, NA163, NA173, NA174, NA207, NA209, NA210, NA213, NA224, NA233, NA236, NA240, USA34, USA232, USA272, USA286, USA288, USA292, USA302, USA326, USA328, USA330, USA334, USA338, USA344, USA350, USA352, USA356, USA412, USA414, USA416, USA420, USA422, USA428, USA430, USA460, USA462, USA464, USA466, USA470, USA472, USA478, USA496, USA538, USA544, USA548, USA550, USA552, USA554, USA562, USA564, USA566, USA570, USA572, USA576, USA578, USA580, USA582, USA584, USA586, USA590, USA596, USA598, USA600, USA606, USA644, USA646, USA648, USA650, USA652, USA674, USA676, USA680, USA682, USA684, USA688, USA690, USA692, USA694, USA696, USA702, USA706, USA708, USA716, USA728, USA730, USA736, USA722, USA742, USA844, USA848, USA868, USA878

Sandbox Upgrades

In terms of sandbox orgs, only staging sandboxes are upgraded as part of the seasonal rollout by default. Please refresh developer sandboxes after the production upgrade to sync to the latest version, or contact Nimble AMS Support for help.

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