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Set a Product To Be Deferred

Staff can set an existing product to have its revenue deferred by adding a deferred revenue method to the product. The deferred revenue method records the product revenue in a deferred GL account until the recognition date(s) occurs.

  1. In the tab bar, click
    App Launcher, or in Salesforce Classic, click 
    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, All Tabs.
  2. Click Products.
  3. Select a list view—like All Products—and click Go!
  4. Click Edit next to the product you want to modify.
  5. Scroll down to the Accounting section.
  6. In Deferred Revenue Method, enter the deferred revenue method, click

    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, All Tabs and select the deferred revenue method. Staff can add a deferred revenue method at anytime to a product.

Setting a deferred revenue method is only necessary when a product's revenue needs to be deferred.

After adding a deferred revenue method to a product, the revenue for the product will be deferred only on new orders.

7. Click Save.

Link DRM to Product in Internationalization

If you have enabled Salesforce multi-currency, Salesforce introduces the Currency field on all object layouts within your org.

To link the Deferred Revenue Method record with the Product record, the Currency field value on the Product must match the Currency field value on the linked Deferred Revenue Method record. If the Currency field value of the Deferred Revenue Method and the Product record do not match, then it throws an error.

Also, once the record is saved, you will not be allowed to edit the value of the Currency field.

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Deferred Coupons

In case a Membership/Subscription/Registration product is set with a deferred revenue method and the Association wants to defer the revenue for the discounted amount on those products then ensure that you set the deferred revenue method for the coupon product linked to the coupon which will be used to apply the discount on this product.

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