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Subscription Management

Staff can update historical subscription records, and (with the right permissions) can easily create new subscription products by selecting the "Subscription" record type when creating new records from the Products tab.

In case of recurrence, new subscription record is created for every recurred subscription, just like recurring memberships. This helps staff and members/subscribers have better, more accurate visibility into subscription history. Also, the second subscription schedule displays with the new start date and not the same start date as first schedule. 

Editing Subscriptions

You should only follow these instructions if you want to edit subscription information.

  1. In the tab bar, click 
    App Launcher, or in Salesforce Classic, click 
    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Button, All Tabs.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Select a list view—like All Accounts—and click Go!
  4. Click Edit next to the account with the subscription you would like to edit.
  5. In the Subscriptions related list, click Edit next to the subscription you would like to edit.
  6. Make the desired changes
    1. If the revenue for the subscription is accounted using accrual, you may not edit Start Date or End Date

      To change the dates of the subscription, you will need to cancel it in The Order Process in Staff View and create a new one with new dates within the same order.

  7. Click Save.
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