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Summer '22 Changelog

This is a list of every change made in the Summer '22 release of Nimble AMS.

Nimble AMS Staff View

What's new?

Relationship Field retrieval for Product object now allowed

Administrators are now able to add relationship fields from the Products object to the Field Set. This improvement allows for the retrieval of relationship fields so that they can be exposed for the Product. (AMS-12552)

Defects Fixed

Individuals affiliated with the company account now get order confirmation emails

An improvement has been made to notify the individual account about the confirmed order for the company they are affiliated with. Now, if the company account is Bill To on an order but an individual pays for it as an affiliated child, the order confirmation email goes to the individual's account. (AMS-12477)

Editing SOQL Queries built in Nimble Query with one or more filters made error-free

Editing the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) queries built in the Nimble Query was throwing an error if the queries had one or more filters. The issue has been resolved, so that the SOQL queries can be edited and behave as expected regardless of the added filters. (NQ-150)

An SOQL-related exception that interrupted the tax calculation process is now resolved

A defect has been fixed to support tax calculation. While adding cart items for Tax and Shippingan SOQL-related exception was interrupting the tax calculation process. The issue has been resolved. (AMS-12486)

Limitation on Transaction count removed for Apex jobs

Apex jobs with more than 50,000 transaction records now run error-free. (AMS-12509)

Nimble AMS no longer allows a Membership Deferred Revenue purchase without transaction

Nimble AMS was allowing the purchase of Membership Deferred Revenue without a transaction. The bug has been fixed. Now, in cases where order with Membership Deferred Revenue is being processed without a transaction, a user-friendly error message pops up. (AMS-12411)

One Payment modal now opens quickly

Fixed an issue that was causing the One Payment modal to take a long time to open in Community Hub if the user has many unpaid orders. (AMS-12547)

Feature toggle added to the new batch total updater job

Added a feature toggle to the NU.BatchTotalUpdater job to allow the removal of the limitation on the number of transaction records. This feature toggle is off by default but can be turned on by enabling the Improved Batch Total Updater tag. (AMS-12541)

Fixed 'too many SOQL queries' error when capturing payments

Fixed an issue where payment capture could fail due to 'too many SOQL queries'. (CBBP-149)

Fixed "View Detail Report" link in Lightning Experience

The "View Detail Report" link that appears when running a new bulk billing for accrual dues will now function properly in Lightning Experience. (OPS-564)

Taxes successfully recalculate after running Bulk Billing for Billing History generated carts

When running Billing History, taxes were not being calculated after bulk billing in some cases. Tax recalculation was also not occurring on manually editing a bulk billing cart. This is now fixed (AMS-12490)

Now shipping and handling calculation uses percentage rounding

Previously, the system allowed the processing of fractions of pennies used in the percentage of shipping for handling on a ship method, which caused transactions to be invalid. Now, percentage based rounding is added to the calculation of handling costs that are a percentage of shipping costs. (AMS-12554)

Taxes successfully recalculate after running Bulk Billing for Billing History generated carts

When running Billing History, taxes were not being calculated after bulk billing in some cases. Tax recalculation was also not occurring when a bulk billing cart was manually edited. This issue has been resolved. (AMS-12490)

Payments to orders with a 0 balance are now allowed when payments are submitted by using an Order API

If there was an Evaluation record set up to allow Overpayments, then it occurred when there was a negative and positive balance, but not when the balance was exactly zero. This is improved and payments can now be applied to orders with a zero balance. (AMS-12599)

Error on Deferred Schedule Detail page fixed (corrections)

A CPU timeout exception occurred in the Deferred Forecast Detail section of the Deferred Schedule Detail page when the number of deferred schedule records exceeded 3000. This has been resolved by us changing the way the message will now read if a deferred schedule has more than 3000 records. (AMS-12592)

Error that generated from the One Payment wizard for 50,000 or more batches is now resolved

An error generated if more than 50,000 batches were present in Nimble AMS when a payment for a manual batch was submitted through the One Payment wizard in Staff View. This issue is now resolved. (AMS-12596)

BatchTotalUpdater batch job now processes only ‘Open’ and ‘Pending’ Batches

There was an issue where a BatchTotalUpdater job attempted to update all batches that also included those that were posted or exported. This resulted in the Queue Process records to get stuck and all of the batches to be incorrectly updated. We’ve resolved this issue to prevent exported batches with incorrect values.

Now, the BatchTotalUpdater job only processes Open and Pending batches. (AMS-12598)

Added Type column in Deferred forecast Detail

Previously there was no column for forecast type in deferred schedule. If membership was cancelled by mid-year, then it did not recognize the revenue for the rest of the duration. To resolve this issue, we have added the Type column with fields which are Actual, Forecast Catchup and Forecast. If there is Forecast Catchup row then it will be highlighted. In terms of transactions, it provides the appropriate deferred revenue forecast. (AMS-12595)

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Community Hub

Defects Fixed

Self-service made more compatible with business rules in express payments

Using 'Allow Self-service Disabled for Express' business rule for a membership where all three pieces (membership type, product, and membership type product link) were Self-service disabled resulted in an error. The workaround to prevent the error was marking Membership Type Product Links as Self-service enabled.

However, improvements have been made to use express payments error free, even when Self-service is disabled for all three membership pieces. (NC-6198)

Express payments and stored payment methods made more compatible

When a user (other than who’s on the ‘Bill To ID’ on the order) paid for an order with a stored credit card on the Express Payment page, an unexpected error was being thrown. Some code changes have been made to fix this issue. (NC-6213)

Registrations can be managed without any error

An unexpected error was being thrown while managing an existing registration. This was specifically happening if the event has been registered to the maximum limit and the waitlist was enabled. To resolve this issue, modifications are made so that the pre-existing registration can be managed error-free. (NC-6223)

The behavior of the Event Registration button is now customizable

A new type of Application Event named "Get Available Actions for Event" has been created. This newly created Application Event allows the users to customize the behavior of the Community Hub Event Registration button by modifying the logic using custom apex classes.

Additionally, the action classes like Edit or Cancel Action, Register Action, and Waitlist Action are globalized so that users can use them in the customized framework. (NC-6211)

Updated Add to Cart failure message

In the rare case, when an item was removed from the cart and added again without reloading the page, a user-friendly error message now displays. (NC-5305)

Seasonal Permission Changes

See the Summer '22 Permission Changes in the Security section.

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