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Summer '23 Maintenance Release

This is a list of every change made in the Summer '23 Maintenance Release of Nimble AMS.

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Defects Fixed

Refunds to credit cards through the Stored Payment Method are now error-free.

Some users attempted to refund a Stored Payment Method by selecting credit card as the payment method and received error MethodName=validateSaveCartPaymentWithCartPaymentLines. This was caused by the Payment method selection not saving before the operation started. (Known Issue ID-127515)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Stored Payment Methods

Original System Design: To ensure a successful refund, it is essential to save the Payment method selection prior to initiating the refund operation.

Solution: Users will now have the option to select the Payment method for the refund from a drop-down menu. Sufficient time will be provided for the selection to save before initiating the refund operation, ensuring a successful refund.

Module(s) impacted: Order, Payments, Stored Payment Methods.

Batch Processing for schedule lines is more efficient.

Cancellation of an order while schedule processing caused unrelated records in the batch to fail. The unrelated records were then processed the next day, resulting in those customers being double charged. (Known Issue ID-129206)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Cancel Orders
    • Use Schedule Payment

Original System Design: When an order is canceled, it should only cause the schedule line associated with that order to fail during the schedule processing job. 

Solution: Increased the efficiency of the Order Processor to fail specific scheduled lines while running ScheduleLinesProcessorJob.

Module(s) impacted: Order. Schedule Payments

Generated new recurring orders now uses the Order's Entity to process payments.

While processing the schedule for a recurring donation, an error occurred. This error encountered because the organization had configured the Entity Crossovers module with two separate BluePay accounts. (Known Issue ID-133212)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use BluePay
    • Use Donations
    • Use Entity Crossovers
    • Use Recurring Payment

Original System Design: New recurring order is stamped with the Order Item Entity.

Solution: Updated the logic to utilize the OrderRequest for the Order's Entity to generate new recurring order.

Module(s) impacted: BluePay, Entity Crossovers, Recurring Payment

Error message on Community Hub Express Payment page updated.

Guest users and logged in users received a blank error message if the cart submission failed due to an expired coupon on the Community Hub Express Payment page. (Known Issue ID-132987)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Coupons
    • Use Express Payment

Original System Design: If cart submission fails a warning message should populate in the pop-up message box.

Solution: Update the logic to render the warning message if cart submission fails.

Module(s) impacted: Coupons

SOQL calls lowered for Coupon use.

When users added a coupon to the cart before applying the payment for Membership and Registration products a SOQL limitation error was received. (Known Issue ID-134116)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Coupons

Original System Design: Coupon use for multiple products should have processed at checkout.

Solution: Reduced the SOQL calls by updating caching and precache for multiple queries and objects.

Module(s) impacted: Coupons

Improved API error limit message.

When MapQuest's free account reaches the maximum number of transactions per month, an 'Attempt to De-reference Null' error message is received. (Known Issue ID-132769)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Account Address

Original System Design: The 'Attempt to De-reference Null' error message should have communicated the job failed due to the API limit being reached.

Solution: Improved the error message to throw a 'Limit Exceeded' message when the API limit is reached.

Module(s) impacted: Account Address

Community Hub

Defects Fixed

Additions to the company, now redirect to the Company Roster page.

After adding an individual to the company, through the Manage Roster page, the user was redirected to the My Affiliations page. Once the individual was added, the Manage Roster page should have redirected to the Company Roster page. (Known Issue ID: 130839)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Community Hub Card
    • Use Community Hub Setup

Original System Design: The Manage Roster page should have redirected to the Company Roster page when adding an individual to the company.

Solution: Updated the cookie service classes to render the Company Roster page.

Module(s) impacted: Community Hub.

Event Registration button in Community Hub when Waitlist is enable.

A small portion of Community Hub users, who, registered for an Event with the Registration button were presented with a message of "Add or manage registration" rather than "Register or waitlist registration." To produce this behavior, the Event would need to be Self Serviced Enabled, Is Editable, Co-Worker Registration Enabled and the Community Hub user account must have an active Primary affiliation and one other child account to the Primary affiliation needs to be registered for the Event. (Known Issue ID: 132619)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Event Registration
    • Use Waitlisting

Original System Design: The Waitlist enabled should be for Events that can be registered for.

Solution: Added a check to verify that Waitlist is enabled on the event, when verifying the event can be registered for.

Module(s) impacted: Event Registration

Improved Community Hub Event registration process.

A guest registering for an Event in Community Hub received a badge class of 'Speaker' rather than 'Guest'. (Known Issue ID: 132041)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Event Registration

Original System Design: Registrant badge should be assigned to a badge class that matches the registration type.

Solution: Updated logic to use the registration product's Registration Type to populate the Badge Class.

Module(s) impacted: Events

Coupon code card total discount value now refreshes automatically.

When a Community Hub user makes an update to a cart after applying the coupon code card, the total discount amount did not recalculate. (Known Issue ID: 129544)

Your association may be affected if you: 

    • Use Coupons

Original System Design: The coupon code card's total discount value should recalculate when products are added or removed from the cart.

Solution: The coupon code card's total discount value is recalculated automatically when the Cart is updated.

Module(s) impacted: Coupons

Seasonal Permission Changes

See the Summer '23 Permission Changes in the Security section.

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