Major Features

New Major Features

Learn about the most significant enhancements introduced in Nimble AMS Summer '19 as well as which major features from past releases are "growing up" in the Feature Lifecycle. To view a list of all features, head next door to the Changelog.

These features are new in Nimble AMS Summer '19.


Sell more easily with Cross Sell functionality that will help increase revenue and member engagement by allowing Associations to suggest related products and services for their constituents to buy. Organizations have several products and services that the user can buy through Community Hub. Create and manage customizable tags on the product records, events and membership type. Increase personalization by configuring Cross-Sell feature according to the user profile.

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PilotHosted Payment Forms

Easy to enable and use Hosted Payment Forms allows associations to reduce their PCI liability. The credit card data is entered by Staff Users and Community Hub users on the payment forms securely hosted by BluePay. This provides a higher level of security and makes sure that credit card data never touches the Nimble AMS system infrastructure.  Using Bluepay Hosted Payment Forms makes PCI compliance much easier than before, as the credit card data never touches the system and is directly passed to and handled by BluePay

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 Two-Factor Authentication

Protect your org's user accounts effectively with Two-factor authentication. Admins can enable two-factor authentication through permissions or profile settings. Users register for two-factor authentication through their own personal settings, using secondary authenticators such as mobile authenticator apps or U2F security keys in Salesforce.

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Donation Microsite

We are packaging Donation Microsite templates to demonstrate the power of Lightning Community Builder for Associations making Content management an easy point and click task. Our sample/starter micro-site will allow Associations to stand up a Donation Microsite within a couple of hours.

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CB LMS Integration

No need to remember multiple passwords or go outside of the AMS to buy products and courses. Our release allows single-sign-on for the AMS and learning management software (LMS) portals. Our learning management software solutions – Crowd Wisdom and Freestone are created with the intent of learning any place, any time, and in a variety of formats.  Users can purchase self-paced LMS product/courses through the AMS portal and immediately consume the course in the LMS after purchasing.  Any updates to user data sync seamlessly across
your association management system (AMS) and LMS.

PilotCompany Recurring Membership

One of the fastest adopted features from our Spring 19 release is Recurring payments or Auto-renewal. In Summer 19, we are following up on that feature set and extending the functionality to allow auto-renewal of Company Memberships. This will allow Associations to turn on auto-renewal for company memberships either directly or by providing Company Managers the ability to manage auto-renewal through CH. This will allow trade Associations to increase the likelihood of Company Membership renewals and reduce their staff's and company manager's workload.  

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Existing Major Features Growing Up

Introduced in prior releases, these features are advancing to the next level of the feature lifecycle in this release.

Feature       PreviouslyNow     
One-time scheduled and Installment Payments

Event Microsites

YM Careers Integration

Business Events Framework


FASB Regulations

Recurring Payments (Flexible Payments)