Nimble AMS utilizes platform security tools provided by Salesforce. This section contains information about security configuration specific to Nimble AMS, such as the Nimble AMS Standard profile.

Core Permission Sets

Seasonal Permission Changes

As part of each seasonal release, we update four custom user profiles (and one permission set) that ship with the Nimble AMS product. If you have cloned any of the profiles (most often the Nimble AMS Standard profile), you may wish to include some or all of these new permission grants into your own custom user profiles, so that your staff can access new capabilities.

Core Permission Sets (to be introduced Winter 20)

Nimble AMS introduces a core set of unmanaged permissions sets, with a minimalistic profile, that subscribers can configure.

Providing layered access to Nimble AMS by capability is important in order to 

  • Protect sensitive information
  • Hide unused capabilities
  • Focus staff on assigned tasks 
  • Reduce training needs
  • Avoid incorrect usage of the software

A user assigned to all of the core permission sets has the same access as a user assigned to the Nimble AMS Standard permset or Nimble AMS Standard profile. 

Organization will be able to set core permission sets for Memberships, Orders, Events, Accounting.