Winter '22 Changelog

This is a list of every change made in the Winter '22 release of Nimble AMS. To view a list of only major features in the latest release, head next door to our new features.

Nimble AMS Staff View

What's new?

Taxable coupons no longer prevent order submission of non-taxable products

When the External Sales Tax toggle was enabled, the order process was getting stuck on the Tax and Shipping page on the application of the taxable coupon for a non-taxable product. This is resolved to skip the tax calculation if only the applied coupon is taxable and the products in the cart are non-taxable. (AMS-12262)

Collapsible Membership Item Display is now on Set Up Recurring Payments Modal

Great news for you!

You can now display a single product in the Set Up Recurring Payments modal to Community Hub users and hide the multiple products in which this product’s dues are being collected. All primary, required, and optional products can be collapsed with the primary product to display in single collapsed product line. Only staff will be able to see the breakdown of how dues are being collected under different order item lines or products. We already override these additional products from displaying on various pages within Community Hub, such as My Checkout, Order Summary, etc.

Learn more about collapsing a product into a primary product. (AMS-12330)

Access Control Setting column is added to the Cards on the Checkout Page section

On Community Hub Setup app → Page tab, when you select a page to configure, you will see a new column named Access Control Setting in the Cards on the Page section. On clicking this you can directly go to the Access Control details. Previously, the user would have to navigate to Access Control tab to view access control details. This was a time-consuming task during troubleshooting as it would take a few clicks to see the access control details. (NC-6089)

Quickly view the related queries for each Access Control

A new ‘Additional Settings’ column has been created In the Access Controls Tab → Configure Access Controls table of the Community Hub Settings app. It will enable you to view the related query records for each access control record with a QueryConditional or InverseQueryConditional class. Also, a link is added next to the query record name on the Edit Access Controller page, clicking which will redirect you to the query record. You can click the Query in this column to navigate to the SOQL query record. (NC-6098, NC-6099)

Defects Fixed

Cancellation of taxable registrations made error free

Cancelling orders with taxable registration products no longer throws an error. This means you can now cancel registration events with cancellation fee without any problems. (AMS-12240)

Now you can add new membership for a different account in the same cart

Previously, you were able to add the same membership in a cart with only one account. We have made improvements so a user can add the same membership item for a different account in one cart.  (AMS-12253)

Payment processor-Nimble AMS compatibility enhanced for manual refunds

Earlier, when staff used the manual checkbox for a refund before a payment was settled, the payment was voided in the payment gateway but Nimble AMS showed it as refunded. This is now resolved. 

We are still allowing partial refunds before a payment is settled, however, the refund is for the correct amount instead of voiding the entire amount like it did before. (CBBP-144)

Updated Nimble AMS Configure page to remove unnecessary spacing

Corrected spacing issue in the Coupon Validation Settings label on the Nimble AMS Configure page. (AMS-12260)

No more order submissions with inactive entities

Added logic to prevent order submission or payment for products linked to inactive entities. Following this change, you will see only active entities in the order process. (AMS-10719)

Easily schedule payments till last day of card validity

Improvements were made to remove an error in scheduling a payment one day prior to card expiry. (AMS-10181)

Pending Capture field for ACH and Credit card payments fixed

The Pending Capture field was staying checked in the payment record, even after the capturer job finished and the payment was captured. Now the field stays unchecked when the capture job completes. (AMS-12294)

Editing orders with External Sales Tax enabled made error free

Now, taxable, or non-taxable orders are editable even if the External Sales Tax tag is active. (AMS-12361)

Cancel All Items no longer results in missing records and editing an order is error-free

Cancelling all items by clicking Cancel All Items link for cart items in an existing order was resulting in missing records. On cancelling all items, records like Order Item Line, Order History, etc., were missing and while editing the same order, an unexpected error was seen. A logic was added to resolve this issue. Now only the cart items linked to the existing order get cancelled and no error is seen while editing the same order. (AMS-12244)

Application of DRM linked coupon to Non-DRM products made error-free

Due to a defect, a permission error was shown on Community Hub during application of Deferred Revenue Method (DRM) linked coupon to products which are not deferred. We have resolved this issue. You can easily apply DRM linked coupons to deferred products as well as products which are not deferred like membership, or merchandise. (AMS-12271)

Order API applyDiscount acts same as application of coupon in order process

Improvements were made to modify the behavior of the order API applyDiscount to match with manual application of coupon in the order process. Henceforth, Order API applyDiscount can be used to process an order when BillTo and customer accounts on the order item are different. (AMS-12342)

Deferred Schedules made more compliant with Recognition in Deferred Revenue Method

In rare cases, when Deferred Revenue Method (DRM) was used in event registration, the Deferred Schedule was defaulting to the Start Date despite of the Event Recognition in DRM being set to the End Date. This issue is resolved and Deferred Schedules are now perfectly compliant with the Recognition field in Deferred Revenue Method.  (AMS-12341)

Community Hub

What's new?

Now choose the pages Join/Renew and Pay Now buttons redirect to

You can set the pages Join/Renew and Pay Now buttons redirect the users to by editing the values in Custom Metadata TypeAdditional Setting records for Community Hub. Learn More

Note: The same improvement applies to Join And Renew Button Pay Now Redirect and Join And Renew Button Renew Redirect. (NC-6123, NC-6109)

Defects Fixed

Pay easily via eCheck on the My Checkout page

If you use stored payments and eCheck, and echeckSum17 tag is enabled in your org, you can now directly pay via eCheck using a link on My Checkout page. Earlier, due to unavailability of this link, it could be confusing to users how to pay via eCheck directly from My Checkout page. (NC-6112)

eCheck Transaction Limit now respects shipping charges

On the My Checkout page, the Community Hub users were wrongly able to submit orders by using the Bank Account payment option, even if the Grand Total (Sub Total + Total Shipping) exceeded the eCheck Transaction Limit. Only Sub Total was considered for the Transaction limit rather than the Grand Total. This is now corrected and you will no longer see Bank Account Payment Method for such payments. (NC-5951)

Lightning Store made compatible with Multiple Communities

When using multiple communities, while adding a product to the cart, users were being displayed a blank cart at checkout. This was caused by the creation of multiple carts and the product being added to the cart of a different community. This is now fixed. (NC-6125)

Error displayed during order submission removed

Due to an issue, payments were getting processed despite an error faced by users during order submission. After this fix, errors while submitting orders, if any, will be in line with order submission. (NC-6110)

Improved usability of Manage Registration page

Enhanced Manage Registration page to display a limited number of colleagues per page when when a user registers a colleague. . This resolves the MaxViewState error that was previously seen. (NC-6103)

One Payment Wizard now renders without issue on Community Hub

In Community Hub, when users with a trusted account attempted to launch the One Payment Wizard with scheduled payments enabled, the wizard kept rendering but did not appear. This is resolved, you will now see the One Payment Wizard render without issue. (NC-6116, NC-6126)

Express payments for carts/orders with cancelled order item(s) made error-free

Due to a defect, if an order cancellation (without refund) resulted in zero order item lines, and later more products were added to the order/cart, using the express pay link to pay, it was resulting in an error. This has been resolved. (NC-6152)

Certain Person Account relationship field is made error-free

Due to a defect, certain relationship field from person account was throwing an error when surfaced in Community Hub. You can now view this field and its value (if set in staff view) or set its value without any error in Community Hub. (NC-6166, NC-6120, NC-6164)

Passing Current Page Reference parameters in a Community Hub flow made possible

Improvements are made to enable you to pass URL and URL parameters in Community Hub flow. As a pre-improvement workaround, we used data source as Proxy to merge the URL parameters in a specific syntax to pass them in flow. (NC-6143)


Help text for Automatic Designation field improved

The help text for Automatic Designation field on Program Type was modified for clearer understanding. Now, on hovering over the help text of Automatic Designation field for Program Types displays updated description. (PROG-280)

Seasonal Permission Changes

See the Winter '22 Permission Changes in the Security section.


Automatically Renew checkbox can be configured as Visible or Hidden in Nimble AMS order processor

For the auto-renewable membership types, a checkbox labeled Automatically Renewable was displayed in Nimble AMS order processor. To avoid confusion with Flexible Payment options, the checkbox has been hidden from Nimble AMS order processor. However, it can be unhidden by creating and enabling a custom metadata tag named AllowLegacyAutoRenew.

Note: To unhide the Automatically Renew checkbox, create a new custom metadata tag named AllowLegacyAutoRenew in Custom Metadata Types-> Tag (NU) and set it active. (AMS-12110)