Configure the Community Hub Store to Show Feature Merchandise Products by Default

Administrators can configure the Community Hub store to show featured products by default and let users filter to see all products.

  1. Ensure featured filtering in the Community Hub store is enabled.

      Enable the Featured Filter in the Community Hub Store

    1. From Filter Configuration, using Card to configure:, select StoreList.
    2. Click Edit next to "FeaturedProducts".
    3. Select Is Active.
    4. Click Save.

  2. Update the StoreList card data source

    1. From Page Configuration, using Page to configure:, select Store.
    2. Click Edit next to "StoreList".
    3. In Data Source, enter FeaturedStoreProductsDataSource.

    4. Click Save.
  3. Update the DefaultStoreFilterName filter Custom Label
    1. Ensure Translation Workbench is Enabled (If translation has already been enabled with a language, skip this step)

        Enable Translation Workbench
      1. From Setup, enter Translation Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Translation Settings.
      2. On the welcome page, click Enable.
      3. Click Add.
      4. Click Language, select English.
      5. Click Save.
    2. From Setup, enter Custom Labels in the Quick Find box, then select Custom Labels.
    3. Select DefaultStoreFilterName.
    4. In the Translations related list, click New.
    5. Click Language, select English.
    6. In Translation Text, enter Featured.
    7. Click Save.

  4. Update the FeaturedProducts filter data source

    1. From Filter Configuration, using Card to configure:, select StoreList.
    2. Click Edit next to "FeaturedProducts".
    3. In Display Name, enter All.
    4. In Data Source, enter AllStoreProductsDataSource.
    5. Click Save.

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