Coupon Configuration

When creating Coupons, each component needs to be created individually and then linked together. You would create the different components in this order:

  1. Coupon Product
  2. Coupon Rule
  3. Coupon Code

When a Coupon Code is used, this will create an actual Coupon record.

Coupon Products

A Coupon Product is a record created in the Products object, using the Coupon record type. This houses little information on its own, but is key in ensuring that the correct Revenue GL Accounts are Entity are being credited/debited. If a Coupon Product is not listed as Self-Service enabled, the Coupon Code will only work in Staff View.

Coupon Rules

Coupon rules drive the couponing functionality in Nimble AMS and Community Hub. They are linked to the overall Coupon product, which can be assigned an inventory value for tracking purposes. They also contain Coupon Code detail, including Discount RateDiscount PercentageMaximum DiscountStart DateEnd Date, and Days Valid. Staff users can manually assign a coupon code to a rule or can choose to automatically generate a code based on the specified criteria. The code that is generated is what is given to Community Hub users to be entered at checkout.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are tied to rules in staff view. Codes can be generated manually by staff, using the New Coupon Code button, or automatically, using the Generate Coupon Code button. Coupon codes are visible under the Coupon Codes related list on the rule from which they originated. The code is assigned a status of Active or Inactive based on the Start and End Date, and can be deleted as needed. It can also be assigned a start date and end date. If the End Date field is left blank, the code will be usable as long as the status remains active.

Coupon Discount Links

A coupon discount link connects products or order item configurations to coupon rules. Discount links are completely optional, and can be added through the Coupon Discount Links related list on the Coupon Rule object.

Products or order item configurations defined for a coupon rule will specify the coupon codes for the rule and may be applied to an order. For example, if the coupon rule should only be applicable to membership, you would create a new coupon discount link, linking the membership order item configuration record to the coupon rule.