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Coupons allow staff to create codes that can be used by Community Hub users to receive dollar amount or percentage-based discounts on eligible order items. The checkout page will show a Coupon card if there are active coupon codes for the primary entity and the current cart is over $0.

Cross Entity Coupon

Coupons functionality supports Cross Entity Coupons feature, if entity crossovers has been setup correctly.

Coupons are created as products in staff view, with coupon rules with discount values defined within the product. These can be used in a variety of manners and restricted as needed - for example, a coupon that should only be used for a specific event, or a coupon that only works for a particular dollar amount.

In case a product on which the coupon is applied is set with deferment options, the discounted amount will also be deferred, if the coupon product is linked to the corresponding deferred revenue method. Deferred Revenue for Coupon is supported by Nimble AMS so that the Associations are able to follow the About FASB Regulations and Using New Deferred Revenue Functionality

  • Only one coupon code can be used per order.

Advanced Taxation | Taxable Coupons

If the coupons are marked Is Taxable, for both external and manual Sales Taxes being used on the ordered product, the coupon amount will be considered for tax calculation.

Coupon Configuration

When creating Coupons, each component needs to be created individually and then linked together. You would create the different components in this order:

  1. Coupon Product
  2. Coupon Rule
  3. Coupon Code

When a Coupon Code is used, this will create an actual Coupon record.

A Coupon can be used once per user. The coupon functionality can be extended through the Coupon Extensions package.

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