Nimble AMS Deals enable the tools to manage the current, future (pipeline), and past sales opportunities, and is a great first step for an organization that is centralizing and automating their existing sales process. For even more advanced sales management tools, an organization can enhance the process further by deploying the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Pairing Deals with the Salesforce Sales Cloud helps elevate the sales conversation with world class Salesforce CRM features for easy collaboration and tracking of calls, emails, tasks, events, notes, and more. In turn, this also bridges together the sales cultivation on accounts to completed and finalized orders.

Deals Configuration

Nimble AMS Deals are easily enabled and configured by reaching out to the Nimble AMS Support Team and requesting the installation. This will create the bare bone configuration for Deals and enable your organization to begin customization.

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Deals Management

The process of managing Deals is, generally, quite a simple process - this is a separate object from Opportunities that shares the functionality of being able to convert into an Order when it has been accepted by a Constituent.

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