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Sales Cloud Connector

Sales Cloud Connector helps Sales Cloud (external) work seamlessly with Nimble AMS. Associations use Sales Cloud to empower their salespeople to generate the best leads, manage opportunities and effectively track the potential sale of its products or offerings. Sales Cloud Connector makes it easy for Association staff to track information about prospects and members, cultivate leads and opportunities and convert opportunities to Nimble AMS orders.

Let's say you met a person at an event, who showed an interest in being a donor or sponsor but did not want to make a donation right away. Using Sales Cloud, you can start tracking that person as a Lead and track the sales process as this Lead gets converted into an opportunity. Continuing with this process, Sales Cloud Connector enables you to quickly convert an opportunity to a Nimble AMS order and collect payment. Since client data is on the cloud and available in a mobile application, staff can securely add all customer details on the go and work on the sales pipeline collaboratively. 

Here's a little glimpse into what you can do using Sales Cloud Connector:

Convert Closed-Won Opportunities (created directly or from a lead) to Nimble AMS Orders: Click the expand icon on the top right of the Opportunity record and select Convert To Order to convert an opportunity to a Nimble AMS order. While placing the order, you can also preview the order and make changes if necessary.

Nimble AMS product types supported within the Sales Cloud Connector feature:

  • Advertisement
  • Donation
  • Exhibit
  • Membership

  • Merchandise
  • Miscellaneous
  • Sponsorships

  • Subscription

Figure 1. Screenshot that shows the Convert To Order button


  • Enhanced efficiency: With Sales Cloud Connector, Sales Cloud works seamlessly with Nimble AMS. This means that the sales team can efficiently track leads and opportunities.

  • Easy conversion of opportunity to Nimble AMS order: Sales teams will be able to easily convert an opportunity to a Nimble AMS order, saving them time and keeping consistent track of important financial details.

  • Simple to Setup: Simple configuration steps that empower your organization to start taking advantage quickly.

If you want to use Sales Cloud Connector for Advertisement, Exhibit, and Sponsorship product types, then you have to raise a pilot request for Improvements to Product Types feature.

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