Nimble AMS provides functionality that allows your constituents and staff to easily make and take donations to your association, and for you to track those donations.

You can solicit donations from your constituents in the following ways:

  • A standalone donation
  • A donation when joining or renewing a membership
  • A donation connected to an appeal

In this section, you will find information and steps for donation configuration, donation management, and donation processing.

Donation Configurations


Staff can create a donation product to use as a stand alone donation option in the order process in Staff View or an individual product checkout page in Community Hub.

Staff can link a donation product to a membership type to be shown during membership join or renewal in Staff View and Community Hub.

If your association has more than one entity, and a donation is made to a secondary entity, transactions appear differently depending on whether it's given through Staff View or Community Hub.

A donation made in Staff View, or in addition to a membership in Community Hub, involves Inter-Entity transactions to transfer the the donation from the primary to the secondary entity.

A standalone donation made inCommunity Hub creates a transaction directly linked to the secondary entity, without the use of Inter-Entity transactions.


Staff can create an appeal record linked to a donation product so they can solicit to a target group of individuals and track donations made toward that appeal. Staff can also clone an existing appeal to expedite creation of a new appeal. It will copy information from the cloned appeal into the new appeal.

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Donation Management


To help promote giving, staff can use a shareable link from a donation product or appeal to link constituents to a  Community Hub donation checkout page where they can give. Staff can review the details of the donation products constants use to give and the donations made to your association.

Staff can view:

  • Existing donations

      Show Me an Image...

     Nimble AMS, Staff View, Donation, Donations Tab

  • General donation information and amount

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    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Donation, Donation Information And Accounting

  • Existing donation products

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    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Product, Products Tab, Donations

  • Donation product information and description

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  • Donation product accounting settings

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    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Product, Donation, Accounting Information

  • Community Hub settings

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    Nimble AMS, Staff View, Product, Donation, Community Hub Settings

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